Starbucks to host pop up parties to wrap up the holidays


Starbucks extends the holiday cheer with special holiday Pop-up Parties. Could you be feeling that holiday spirit a little longer?

For Starbucks, the holiday season doesn’t end when Santa returns to the North Pole. To keep the holiday cheer going, the popular coffee brand will be hosting holiday Pop-up parties at select locations. Are you ready to continue to spread some holiday cheer?

According to Starbucks, 1,000 Pop-up Parties at locations around the U.S. These special events will be held from December 27 through December 31. Each Pop-up Party will be held from 1-2 p.m. local time.

Unlike the holiday happy hours that have been happening at Starbucks location this month, the Pop-up party locations will vary and change daily. To find the daily location, please visit

Why do you want to find one of these Pop-up parties? Free coffee of course!

At these special events, guests can get a “free tall handcrafted espresso beverage of their choice.” Choose hot or cold, but only one per customer.

Guests can choose from any handcrafted espresso beverage including the holiday favorites, like toasted white chocolate mocha or peppermint mocha.

These Pop-up Parties are a great idea for the popular coffee company. The holiday season can be chaotic, but that holiday cheer doesn’t need to disappear. If a free beverage can bring a few more smiles, especially during the holidays, isn’t that a perfect reminder to keep the happiness going a little longer.

As Starbucks ends 2019, it will be interesting to see what the company has in store for 2020. From locations at round the world to expanding flavors to colorful Frappuccinos, it has been a huge decade for the company. Could the brand find new ways for people to enjoy their favorite coffee beverage?

For now, free beverages are in the future. Be sure to check the Pop-up Parties website to find a location near you. Who wouldn’t want a free beverage before the New Year?

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What is you favorite Starbucks beverage? Do you like these types of promotions?