Impossible to know beyond 2019 if plant based trend is sustainable


The plant-based food craze took 2019 by storm. The fast-food industry jumped on board to attract more consumers. It is hard to predict if the alternative meat trend sticks heading into the New Year.

Let me begin by saying I am no expert on the plant-based industry. I do have an opinion as a yogi and vegetarian bordering a pseudo-vegan lifestyle. It has been a marvelous decision for me. During this time, I have witnessed more accessibility to this lifestyle choice but in places less desirable.

The plant-based market has gone viral. NBA stars are sponsoring Beyond Meat and fast-food chains are offering it and the Impossible burger. The market is following the same trend(s) as designer jeans or sneakers. Vegetarian diets are trending up for all sorts of reasons. Originally, I tried Beyond Meat after a Kyrie Irving interview proclaiming his switch to the vegan lifestyle.

Several NBA players are utilizing the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles for higher performance and quicker recovery. Enter Beyond Meat, the tasty offering you can find in your local grocery store. I have previously shared my first plant-based meat experience from a cookout last Memorial Day. We offered the Beyond Meat patty and sausages and it was an undeniable hit.

Ultimately, I have faded from the trend after taking a moment to realize this is a genetically engineered product. My personal choice bucks the trend, because I am not a fast-food regular. These products have made their way to White Castle, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Qdoba, The Cheesecake Factory, and the gas station Sheetz to name a few.

Notice the trend?

Vegetarians and vegans are not particularly living for fast food. One of my observations is the deliberateness of the lifestyle. It is very counterculture, particularly in the West. The idea of daily market visits, indulging in more whole foods, and creativity in the kitchen is the antithesis of fast food.

The plant-based craze is about money, not health. The thought of a fast-food restaurant interested in consumer wellness is laughable. The concept offers fast, affordable processed foods. The industry has spent recent years rebranding itself by offering “healthier options”, and plant-based burgers are no different.  Fast-food is never going to be healthy it will remain as a  convenient necessary evil for those on the go.

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The alternative meat options will eventually find their way into the same section on the menu as the salads and the wraps at any major chain. The average fast-food consumer will always prefer a beef burger, not the alternative. That is why the likes of McDonald’s have over a billion served. Maybe the ads will eventually get more inventive, but in the meantime, the plant-based industry seems to be the latest fad within the American business model. If it ain’t broke why fix it…