Bloody Mary cocktails: Are the condiments overtaking the cocktail?


Bloody Mary cocktails have been a brunch favorite as well as a classic cocktail, but has the abundance of cocktail condiments become too much.

When was the last time you enjoyed some Bloody Mary cocktails? From a weekend brunch to National Bloody Mary Day, the classic cocktail continues to evolve. But, has one of the biggest Bloody Mary trends gone too far?

Generally, a Bloody Mary is a vodka cocktail with tomato juice. While some people like them spicy, savory or just plain, the classic cocktail is rather straightforward. Given that slate, many people look to the condiments to the cocktail over the top.

Looking back, the celery stalk or some olives were the traditional condiments in this cocktail. In some ways, that celery made you feel like you were eating some extra veggies and it was a good choice to have a second Bloody Mary to boost your daily vegetable intake.

Slowly, the condiments evolved. That celery stalk was joined by pickled asparagus or maybe a pickled green bean. Then, the meat stick straw joined the cocktail glass. Soon, the glass become overly crowded.

More recently, restaurants and bars are using that classic Bloody Mary as an “it” cocktail. By piling all types of food in, on top and around the cocktail, it almost becomes a meal.

From sliders to chicken wings to even a whole pizza, there seems to be no end to the food that can accompany a Bloody Mary. Even Red Lobster joined in this crazy food trend. Now the restaurant chain offers a Cheddar Bay Biscuit, lobster claw, shrimp and more. It is basically a whole meal.

In some ways, the expanding Bloody Mary cocktails with food are becoming the ultimate brunch meal. Since some people enjoy this cocktail after an epic night out, all that extra food with the hair of the dog could help combat that potential hangover.

The Bloody Mary and gigantic food trend looks to continue until the cocktail glasses cannot support all those foods. What will restaurants and bars add next? Everyone will have to wait to see on Instagram.

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What are the best Bloody Mary cocktails that you have tried? Do you like simple or over the top cocktails?