Goldfish Veggie, adding extra smiles to eating more veggies


Goldfish crackers have been an iconic family snack, the new Goldfish Veggie are adding extra smile and veggies to snack time.

New for 2020, Goldfish Veggie is giving the family favorite snack a vegetable upgrade. The iconic Goldfish crackers have brought smiles to kids (and parents) for decades. Now, that favorite fish shaped snack is getting a boost from some veggies. Are you ready to take a bite?

Starting in January 2020, two new Goldfish Veggie flavors will be hitting select store shelves. It is the “first-ever line of crackers made with 1/3 serving of veggies.” In a way, it can be one of the easiest boosts to a kid’s (or adult’s) daily veggie serving.

The new Goldfish crackers come in two flavors, Cheesy Tomato and Sweet Carrot. These two flavors are very kid-friendly and flavor approachable. After testing over 10 different flavors, these two flavors offered the most versatility for the brand.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample these two new Goldfish Veggie flavor. Unlike a “veggie” chip, these crackers never lose that iconic Goldfish taste and texture. While the veggie flavor is clear, it doesn’t overpower.

The Carrot flavor is slightly sweet, but carrot-like sweet. When blended into the cracker, it balances nicely. More importantly, it still has the same texture that makes Goldfish so appealing.

Goldfish Veggie, new flavors made with vegetables. photo provided by Goldfish

The Cheesy Tomato will definitely become a hit with families. Who hasn’t put Goldfish crackers in tomato soup? This snack is very reminiscent of that flavor.

In many ways, the Cheesy Tomato offers the most versatility of the two new offerings. While tasty on its own, it could become the new trend in snacking. From adding to a soup to combining with nuts to adding texture to a grilled cheese sandwich, the possibilities are limitless.

One of the fun aspects to these new Goldfish Veggie crackers is that the iconic Goldfish shape is combined with shapes of the flavors. Carrot and tomato shaped crackers are mixed with the Goldfish.

Most importantly, each of the shapes have that iconic smile. Maybe these little veggie crackers are smiling because of all the veggie goodness packed in very bite.

As a parent, it will be very easy for families to add these new flavors to their snack routine. Even if you slowly mix the new flavors into the classic flavors as a surprise. Soon the kids might be asking for the new veggie options.

The Goldfish Veggie, available in Carrot and Cheesy Tomato, will be available at select grocery stores, “including Kroger and Publix starting in January 2020.” In March 2020, the snacks will be available nationwide.

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Are you ready to add Goldfish Veggie to your snack time? That snack that smiles back is bringing you an easy and tasty way to add more veggies to your routine.