After school snacks: What snacks should parents have stocked for the kids?


As everyone gets back to the school routine, parents know that after school snacks are a must. What snacks should be stocked in your house?

Have you notice that learning makes hungry? After school snacks are more than just a want, in many cases they are a need. Kids can come home school feeling famished. A little snack can make that wait till dinner more bearable.

Finding the right after school snack doesn’t have to be a huge chore or production. Of course, the kids might want a big cupcake or a bowl of ice cream. Parents might perfect the kids snack on a plate of carrots. Finding the compromise ensures that the kids eat and the parents don’t waste food.

The biggest key to remember when picking an after school snack is your kids’ food preferences. For example, if a child won’t eat cheese, then find something else. It is pointless to buy food only for it to end up in the trash.

As a parent to growing boys, their after school appetite is quite large. It is always amazing that even with a huge lunch only a few hours before, they walk off the school bus saying that they are starving.

Photo: Totino’s Mini Snack Mix, Original and American Favorites.. Photo courtesy of Totino’s

When I choose an afternoon snack, the keys are quick, easy and convenient. In many case the snack needs to be portable and not messy. Yes, all these adjectives might be a tall order, but there are various foods that work.

One new product piqued our family’s interest. The Totino’s Mini Snack Mix is perfect for my kids. These bite size pieces turn snack time into party time. Although I do have to turn on the oven, this snack mix satisfies their big appetites and makes everyone happy till dinner.

The new Totino’s Mini Snack Mix comes in two flavors, Original and American Favorites. The mixes contain the following: Original, “Pepperoni Pizza Roll Snacks, Cheesy Marinara Bites, Mozzarella Sticks and Garlic Bread Bites.” The American Favorites mix contains “Cheeseburger Pizza Roll Snacks, Ham & Cheese Bites, Cheddar Bites and Potato Bites.”

With 90 pieces in each bag, this snack mix should last for at least a couple of days. While the snacks are bite sized, they are quite filling. The kids shouldn’t have to eat an entire bag.

Each snack mix offers a good contrast in flavors and textures. While the Original has a more traditional pizza-inspired vibe, the American Favorites offers some flavors that you customize. For example, a dash of hot sauce to the American Mix kicks up the spice level.

The Totino’s Mini Snack Mix are available at grocery and retail stores. A 90 count bag retails for approximately $8.79.

While the Totino’s Mini Snack Mix is easy and convenient, there are other options available, too. For example some Pretzel Crisps with hummus is always a great snack. Another option could be some Sargento Balanced Breaks.

When it comes to after school snacks, the idea is to find some good balance. Carbs and protein help to satisfy that hunger.

Plus, you want the snack to not leave the kids overstuffed before dinner. The idea is to satisfy, but still have the kids wanting to eat dinner.

After school snacks need to be convenient and tasty. Once you find a few snacks that work, make sure that the fridge is stocked.

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