Best school snacks: Kids really want these snacks in their lunchboxes


Looking for the best school snacks to pack in those school lunches? These snacks have been kid tested and parent approved.

It is back to school season and the best school snacks are on both parents and kids minds. While kids might crave something sweet, parents want to ensure that kids have something healthy to eat. With some many options available, there is definitely a snack that can make everyone happy.

The key to finding the best school snacks is to experiment with a few different options. For the first couple weeks of school, try several snacks and see which ones the kids prefer, work well in a lunch box and aren’t messy. No teacher wants food messes in or around the classroom.

Although everyone has a favorite snack, FoodSided put its set of kid food testers to work. From chips to crackers to even some applesauce packets, these school snacks topped their lists. Ready to get shopping?

Here’s FoodSided’s best school snacks recommendations.

Mott’s Clear Applesauce pouches

Who didn’t grow up eating Mott’s applesauce? Today’s version is a little more convenient with those individual serving pouches. But, now those pouches have received an upgrade.

Some parents had concern about not being able to see into the applesauce pouches. Mott’s responded to that concern by introducing the Pouch Pals, clear applesauce pouches.

Of course, the fun characters appeal to kids. Who wouldn’t want to see a smiling face in their lunch box.

For parents, they approve of this snack because it only has two ingredients and has less sugar. It is a simple, yet tasty snack that everyone likes.

The Mott’s Clear Applesauce pouches are available in several flavors and can be found at most retailers.

Frito-Lay Snackable Notes

Going back to school can be a little overwhelming. A simple note of encouragement, silly thought or just a cute drawing can make a kid feel a little better while sitting at the lunch table. Frito-Lay Snackable Notes offer that little pick me up.

On each snack sized Frito-Lay snack, there is a little section to write something to your kid. It doesn’t have to be cheesy or profound. Personally, I’ve drawn little faces and dogs on these snacks.

It is a simple and easy way to let the kids know that you are with them and thinking about them. More importantly, these snacks raise money to combat childhood hunger. Maybe you can buy a few extra snacks and spread a little positivity this school year.

The Frito-Lay Snackable Notes are available at various retailers.

Wisconsin’s Roth Creamy Cheddar Natural Snack Cheese

Cheese is a great source of protein for a school snack. Since parents are always looking for something convenient, Wisconsin’s Roth Creamy Cheddar Natural Snack Cheese is a great option for school lunches.

Each individually portioned, wrapped cheese has 5 grams of protein and 70 calories. Additionally, this cheese is “all-natural, preservative-free and always made with fresh, local rBST-free Wisconsin milk.” This little bite will keep the kids fueled and ready for a whole afternoon of learning.

Wisconsin’s Roth Creamy Cheddar Natural Snack Cheese is available at grocery stores and is available in both 6 count and 10 count bags.

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Kids

Kids can’t resist bite sized snacks. Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Kids is that delightful bite of whole grains and real fruit. The kids might think that they are a treat, but parents know that this snack is packed with nutrition.

Available in three flavors, Awesome Apple, Strawberry Blast and Grapetastic, there is a flavor that everyone will like. Personally, the Strawberry Blast was a top choice for these taste testers. The strawberry was sweet, but not overly so.

The Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Kids are available in 5-count and 10-count boxes at most major retailers.

Lance Minis

Sometimes it is nice to go back to a classic snack. Personally, Lance Crackers have always been a great snack option. For over 100 years, Lance Sandwich Crackers have been a favorite snack for all ages.

Now, the Lance Minis are the perfect bite-sized version for school snacks. Kids love the smaller versions of the bigger sandwich crackers. Whether you eat one at a time or grab a handful, these sandwich crackers are quite tasty.

The Lance Minis are available in both classic ToastChee Peanut Butter and Whole Grain Peanut Butter. Each version is made with “real peanut butter, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no artificial flavors or preservatives.” Parents feel good about the snack and kids want to eat them. It is a win for everyone.

The Lance Minis are available at various retailers.

Pretzel Crisps

Pretzels are always a good choice, but Pretzel Crisps make eating pretzels more entertaining. Available in so many flavors, these pretzel snacks take snacking to a new level and it never gets boring.

While the FoodSided taste testers like the Everything flavor dipped in some hummus, these snacks are great on their own, too. Plus, the flat version makes it easy to store in a lunch box. After all no one wants to eat broken pretzels.

Pretzel Crisps are available at various retailers.

IMAG!NE Snacks

With the simple idea of re-thinking snack time, IMAG!NE Snacks were born. Kids perform best when they have fuel for their imagination. These IMAG!NE Snacks offer both protein and calcium in a snack that kids crave.

Available in Yogurt Crisps and Cheese Stars, these snacks are made with real ingredients. The flavors are quite tasty.

According to FoodSided’s taste testers, they liked the Yogurt Crisps because they almost tasted like a cookie. The apple cinnamon yogurt crisps were the perfect sweet treat to end the meal. As for mom, these apple cinnamon yogurt crisps would also be great mixed into some yogurt for texture.

IMAG!NE Snacks are available at various retailers.

Juicy Juice Protein

Juice boxes are a lunch box staple, but not all juice boxes are the same. This year, our lunch boxes are packed with Juicy Juice Protein.

As many people know, protein helps satisfy hunger longer. This juice-protein blend has 5 grams of protein in each serving. Plus, the fruit punch and orange flavors are kid approved. Why not give the kids an extra boost at lunch. And, maybe the kids won’t come off the bus starving at the end of the day.

Lorissa’s Kitchen founder, photo provided by Lorissa’s Kitchen

Lorissa’s Kitchen

Lorissa’s Kitchen was founded by a mom. All of the products stem from the simple idea of giving “her children wholesome, nourishing snacks that could keep up with their busy schedule.” It is a concept that any mom can appreciate.

From beef sticks to strips and cuts, these gluten free and keto friendly snacks are a great choice. Plus the strips and cuts are a little more tender than traditional jerky, which makes it easier for kids to eat.

Lorissa’s Kitchen products are available at various retailers and online.

Snack Pack

Of course, every kid wants something sweet in their lunch box. After a summer filled with treats, it can be hard to give up everything during back to school time. Luckily a Snack Pack is always a good choice for a lunchbox.

While the original tin can has been replaced with an easier to open design, the same goodness is in every spoonful. Made from real milk and containing now added preservatives, a Snack Pack is spoon-filled deliciousness.

Also, there several fun flavors and themes that can make lunch time even more entertaining. From unicorns to dragons, the kids will enjoy a little whimsy in every bite.

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What are your family’s best school snacks? Share you school snacking recommendations with #FoodSided or add your ideas to the comments section.