Convenient, healthy and delicious snacks aren’t a dream, they’re IMAG!NE

What do you want in a snack? Convenient, healthy and delicious snacks are a reality because it’s time to open IMAG!NE.

Delicious snacks that are both convenient and healthy, can be a parent’s ideal. Sure, everyone would like to believe that kids will gravitate to the pre-cut fruits and vegetables. The reality is that these choices aren’t the most convenient. From storage to picky eaters, parents hate the food battle. Luckily a new snack choice appeals to the parents’ nutritional wants and kids’ preferred flavors. Time open a bag of IMAG!NE.

What is your favorite snack? Usually people’s preferences fall into a couple of categories, salty, sweet or even crunchy. When it comes to kids, they usually prefer something crunchy and small. Who didn’t grow up grabbing a bag of shaped crackers or pretzels?

Today’s consumer wants more from their snacks. Protein, whole grains and great taste are now characteristics that people want in their snacks. With the additional want of convenience, snack companies have a lot to deliver.

IMAG!NE looks to take some of those snacks qualities that people crave and give them a new spin. Made from real yogurt and cheese, these snacks provide kids (and adults) good nutrients during snack time. With protein and calcium these snacks are satisfying and tasty, definitely a winning combination.


IMAG!NE Snacks, photo provided by Cristine Struble

Since kids love combining fun and snack time, these delicious snacks come in fun shapes. These star shapes only add to the idea of satisfying kids’ hungry imagination. While I’m not suggesting that kids play with their food, these fun shapes can inspire some creativity after snack time.

Actually, these snacks are more than just tasty treats. The brand even has a website that helps to fuel kids’ creative play. The idea is simple. That snack time can be more than just satisfying hunger. It can be a few moments to talk, explore and think creatively.

The action doesn’t to be a huge undertaking. It can be as simple as what shapes do you see in that bowl of snacks. The idea is to get kids (and even adults) to discover something new. That little spark or moment could turn into something more.

Of course, the snacks need to be tasty for any of these ideas to come to fruition. Luckily, these snacks are quite satisfying. Recently, I had the opportunity to taste the Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Crisps and the Parmesan Cheese Stars flavors. I have to admit; I hid some from my kids. They are quite tasty.

What impressed me about these snacks were the flavors. In the parmesan cheese stars, the real cheese flavor was predominate. It tasted like I had melted parmesan cheese and turned it into a cracker. The crispness level was on point. Most importantly, I felt satisfied after a small handful. The flavor and texture gave me the ultimate snacking satisfaction.

With the apple cinnamon yogurt crisps, these delicious snacks have levels of flavors. The bright, tart apple is the first flavor, which is followed by a sweet yogurt and is followed by the warm cinnamon. There is sweetness but it is not overpowering.


IMAG!NE snacks, photo provided by Frito Lay


Since many kids prefer a sweet treat, this snack appeals to the kids. For parents, they feel better about the snack because it has four grams of protein and eight grams of whole grains per serving. Overall, this snack is a win for everyone in the family.

While these snacks are meant to be enjoyed on their own, I could see this apple cinnamon flavor used in many desserts. From a yogurt parfait to a crumble, the options are many. Although this idea isn’t the intention for the snack, it is always a good idea to have extra uses for the foods in your pantry.

IMAG!NE is available in four flavors. The cheese stars com in parmesan and white cheddar. The yogurt crisps come in apple cinnamon and mixed berry. The multi-serving bags are resealable and are available at many retailers.

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Snack time doesn’t have to be boring and bland. A little creativity and convenience with a big boost of flavor isn’t just a dream. With IMAG!INE, delicious snacks with a side of creativity can be part of your family’s reality.

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