Miller Lite has gone dark and you should go dark, too

Miller Lite Offline Can, ready to go dark? photo provided by Miller Lite
Miller Lite Offline Can, ready to go dark? photo provided by Miller Lite /

The classic Miller Lite has a new look for the New Year. While some people might fear the dark side, this dark look is definitely worth exploring.

For the new year, Miller Lite is exploring a new look. While Miller Time has been a long-standing tradition, many people are resolving to make big changes going into the new decade. While the connected world isn’t going away, it could be time to go dark, at least for a bit.

Recently, Miller has encouraged people to reconnect over Miller Time. While that time honored tradition of having a beer with friends after a long week can serve a positive purpose in this tumultuous times. But, many people sit around a table staring at their devices instead of having a conversation of people sitting in front of them.

The Miller Lite Dark Can is a reminder for everyone to disconnect, even just for a little bit. Everyone can wait to post another Instagram story or funny gif. Quite possibly, that person across the table from you could have something quite valuable to say out loud.

The special dark cans, a visual reminder to go offline, will start to be available at bars this month. Once a guest scans the table top QR code, the 30 minute offline timer starts and guests put their phones away. When the time is up, the guests will get a free beer. Can’t you put your phone away for a free beer?

In some ways, that Offline Can might be a great reminder to focus on the people around you, not the device. Even though social media can be a way to be connected, it can be a distraction. Sometimes it can be good to put it all away.

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Now, you can buy one of these Offline Can without putting your phone away for 30 minutes. The beer is the same, just the can is different.