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Ready for a carb lover’s fantasy? Bread and Breakfast is the foodie wonderland that you can’t believe is a travel reality.

Vacations are often about indulgence. At the Bread and Breakfast, this fantasy room is a foodie’s delight filled with all the carb-tastic treats. Are you ready to ditch that food resolution and take a bite of the good life?

Did you know that January 17 is National Ditch Your Resolutions Day? Around that time it can be hard to say yes to more salad and no to that tempting donut or pizza. In honor of that day and to celebrate carb lovers everywhere, Bread and Breakfast travel experience is all about the food indulgence. Ditch the guilt and bring your stretchy pants to this getaway.

Available from January 17 through January 31, the special carb-focused escape is located at the Refinery Hotel. But it isn’t just any hotel room, it is the ultimate carb lover’s fantasy. From the moment you check-in till the moment you return to reality, the whole experience is about saying yes to all those foods that you sometimes overlook.

According to the, the guests get a sweet treat upon check in, have bakery mini bar stocked with goodies and a myriad of carb-centric treats. Also, the aroma of carb-loaded goodness fills the air in your room. Even the person with the most ardent will power would be tempted to eat her way through the experience.

Every aspect of the carb-loving life is celebrated in this experience. From the croissant pillows to the toast shaped headboard, it is a whimsical food-themed get away. Additionally, guests get to take a special treat home. The custom “Carbivore” robe and baguette slippers could be your perfect ensemble for your next breakfast in bed.

This type of themed getaway will inspire many people to book a night away. Sometimes a little micro-vacation or getaway can be the perfect break from the norm. While this particular version is foodie-centric, it could be the start of a new trend for the brand. Could other pop culture or sports themes be on the horizon?

If you want to book this carb-lover getaway, foodies better act quickly. The experience opens for booking on January 17 and reservations will definitely disappear quickly. Probably quicker than the pounds that guests gain after staying for a night.

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Would you book the Bread and Breakfast getaway? What type of themed getaway would you like to see offer?