Natty Light thinks that everyone should celebrate with a birthday beer

Natty Light Birthday Beer, photo provided by Natty Light
Natty Light Birthday Beer, photo provided by Natty Light /

Do you raise a birthday beer  on your special day? Natty Light wants everyone to have a reason to toast another birthday and it knows how to celebrate.

When you turned 21 did you celebrate with a birthday beer? Natty Light understands that many people toast to the momentous birthday with a beer, beverage or some type of special celebration. In honor of every 21st birthday celebration, it is time to pop open a cold one.

Although many people get a free beer or other beverage on their 21st birthday, Natty wants to join in the special birthday celebration as well. Throughout 2020, Natty will be honoring people who have turned 21. That’s right, you could get your 5 minutes of infamy on social media.

On the 21st of every month, Natty will repost some of the best birthday pics that have tagged #NattyBday and either @Naturallightbeer or @naturallight on socials. Yes, it will only be people who turned 21 (the first time) and the brand will verify it. Curious what some of these celebratory moments could be?

Recently, Natural Light is finding fun and interesting ways to engage with its audience. The light beer is making waves in the beer industry. From the Natur-days to the sports-themed promotions, this beer is looking to embrace people enjoying the beer in all types of ways. It is more about the lifestyle around the beer.

In a way, showing these celebratory moments could be the perfect way to get a younger crowd into the classic light beer. If everyone wants to share their 21st birthday celebration, it becomes part of a collective moment. Don’t more people want to feel included these days?

Whether it is your 21st birthday this year or you just enjoy an ice cold Natty Light, check out the brand’s socials on the 21st of every month. Spreading a few happy wishes can be good for everyone.

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Do you celebrate another year with a birthday beer? How did you celebrate your 21st birthday?