5 unusual bagel facts to know on National Bagel Day


On National Bagel Day, it is time to celebrate the bagel. Whether enjoyed with a smear or as part of a sandwich, these unusual bagel facts are something to chew on for the food holiday.

From an everything bagel to cinnamon raisin, National Bagel Day is the perfect reason to enjoy a bagel morning, noon and night. While some keto followers might not want to carb it up for the food holiday, everyone else might be willing to indulge in an extra bagel for the occasion. But, did you know these five unusual bagel facts?

In some cases, people have a favorite bagel. While New Yorkers claim the pinnacle bagels because of the water, bagels do come in all types. From local bakeries to larger brands, there is at least one type of bagel that fits everyone’s fancy.

In honor of National Bagel Day, Thomas’ bagels is celebrating in a big way. As the number one grocery bagel, it knows something about the baked good.

For people in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Orlando and Philadelphia, the brand will be handing out free bagels. From 7 a.m. till 1 p.m., teams will be giving away free cream cheese bagels.

While not every city gets free bagels, Thomas’ has shared some unusual bagel facts to impress your friends and family on National Bagel Day. Did you know these tasty tidbits?


1. The average person eats eats more than 11 bagels a year. While not stated by the brand, in a house with teenage boys, that number increases exponentially. It could be 11 bagels a week. Also, Thomas’ sold 160 million bagels in 2019 (and those hungry kids might have contributed a significant portion to that total).

2. While bread is baked, the bagel is the only bread that is boiled. If the bagel isn’t boiled, is it really a bagel? That debate could get bakers in a major twist.

3. In the 1900s, it took four bakers to make a bagel. Two bakers shaped the dough, one boiled it and another baked it. While the process might be more streamlined now, who knew that the process was so labor intensive.

4. There is a reason why bagels have a hole in the middle. In Germany, vendors would put bagels on a rod to sell them. While this idea isn’t necessarily used today, it could be a new way of serving bagels at brunch. Why not stack them vertically through a paper towel holder instead of piling them on a plate.

5. Popular bagel toppings are quite varied. While the top bagel toppings change over time, more and more people are experimenting with bagels. Instead of cream cheese or butter, a variety of tasty treats can be used. Why not try a savory twist with brie and apple.

Even if you enjoy a bagel on many a morning, why not have an extra bagel to celebrate National Bagel Day. And, maybe go a little outside of the norm or your comfort zone. Pick a different flavor or topping to mark the occasion. After all, if the average person eats 11 bagels a year, you can always go back to the tried and true next time.

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What is your favorite bagel flavor? Will you be celebrating National Bagel Day?