Top 10 favorite bagel toppings: Is your favorite number one?


Favorite bagel toppings can be a debated subject. While many people prefer traditional choices, could a food trend top this bagel list?

What are your favorite bagel toppings? As Thomas’ Bagels encourages everyone to celebrate National Bagel Day on January 15, the popular national bagel company comprised some interesting bagel facts. From top bagel cities to how many bagels people eat a year, it looks like the bagel fans are always celebrating every day, not just on the food holiday.

Bagels have long been a staple in food culture. While the exact origin of the bagel is debated, most people trace this circular bread back to Poland. That iconic hole was used as a way to sell the bagels. Bakers would string bagels on a dowel to sell them to customers. It makes sense that the word bagel is combination of the German words for ring and bracelet.

Unlike other breads, bagels are the only type of bread that is boiled before it is baked. That cooking technique creates the chewy texture that is essentially a bagel. While some say that New York water is key to the best tasting bagel, the boiling technique is needed for any bread to become a bagel.

What’s your favorite bagel topping? photo provided by Thomas’ Bagels

According to Thomas’, the average person eat more than 11 bagels per year. Additionally, the brand said that the top five most popular bagel flavors nationwide are plain, everything, cinnamon raisin, blueberry and whole wheat. Given all these facts, it doesn’t seem that everyone is living a carb-free lifestyle.

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Of course, a dry bagel isn’t very satisfying. That chewy, tasty, round bread needs the right topping. While each region might debate the best bagel toppings, Thomas’ findings show the following toppings are the nationwide top 10 favorite bagel toppings.

In no particular order, the bagel toppings in this list are: cream cheese, butter, flavored cream cheese, cheese, jelly or jam, eggs, deli meat, margarine, peanut butter or other nut butter, and bacon. This list clearly covers the spectrum of flavors. Still, does your favorite bagel topping make the top 10 list?

To be totally honest, my favorite topping is a combination of a couple of topping. Personally. I like a little butter with my jelly or jam. Granted, it isn’t the healthiest option, but it is quite tasty.

Of course, nothing can beat a great bagel sandwich. An everything bagel with bacon, egg and cheese is a perfect way to kick off a weekend. With a big cup of coffee and some leisurely reading, there is no better way to relax on the weekend.

Truthfully, the bagel has become a staple. Beyond breakfast, the bagel is a great alternative to bread for a sandwich. It offers a different flavor and texture to avoid food boredom. With so many flavors on store shelves, the variety helps to keep people interested.

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Do you have favorite bagel toppings? Is it on this top 10 list or do you prefer to try something totally unique? Share a picture your favorite bagel topping by tagging #FoodSided on National Bagel Day.