M&M’s Messages: Perfectly saying what is really on your mind

M&M's Messages, packaging that says what you really mean, photo provided by M&M's
M&M's Messages, packaging that says what you really mean, photo provided by M&M's /

M&M’s Messages program is giving people a chance to connect in a real, authentic way. These packages could be the best to say what is really on your mind.

Sometimes expressing your true feelings doesn’t necessarily come with the right words. M&M’s Messages have found a way to say what is really on your mind. From pure honesty to a little humor, what better way to make a connection than with some M&M’s candies.

M&M’s candies have been an integral part of the pop culture collective. From the humorous spokescandies to the irresistible bowl of candy that your grandma always had on her table, M&M’s have been part of everyone’s life in some way. Those candies have been responsible for many smiles and happy moments.

The new M&M’s Messages are a way for people to express themselves in ways that maybe they didn’t have the words to do. At the heart of this launch, the brand wants people “to celebrate, connect and find humor in life’s everyday moments.”

Allison Miazga-Bedrick, Brand Director, M&M’s said it best, “As a brand, we want to connect with our fans and in turn encourage them to connect, express and celebrate those simple, everyday moments with M&M’s.”

M&M's Messages
New M&M’s Messages, photo provided by M&M’s /

Looking at some of the phrases on this packaging, fans will definitely smile. From “I love being socially awkward with you” to “Pretending to do work” to “Thanks for the thing you did one time,” the numerous phrases really convey what you want to say, but maybe don’t have the gumption to say it out loud. M&M’s does it for you.

While M&M’s have had custom candies, this packaging is another extension of showing how certain brands are woven into many of life’s moments. Who hasn’t wanted to give some candy to a friend, but has a loss of words? Are many of life’s moments just better with candy?

The M&M’s Messages packing will be available staring January 20. They will be available in the milk chocolate, peanut, peanut butter and caramel flavors for a limited time.

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Are you ready to say what is really on your mind? M&M’s Messages have you covered.