OREO asks the difficult question, “What’s Your Stuf?”

OREO What's Your Stuf, photo provided by OREO
OREO What's Your Stuf, photo provided by OREO /

While OREO has tackled, the twist, dip or dunk method of eating the classic sandwich cookie, there remains a burning question, What’s Your Stuf?

Some classic cookies have wide reaching appeal. OREO is one of those cookies. Whether remember having those sandwich cookies in your lunch box or recall dipping those cookies in the ice cold glass of milk after dinner, OREOS have and will continue to be part of the pop culture collective.

While many people agree that OREOS are tasty, they may not agree on the specific type of cookie. Putting aside the flavor varieties, the biggest point of contention can often be, what how much “stuf” do you like in your cookie?

Yes, that classic cream center can be the source of a huge debate, even in one household. Whether you like classic “stuf” and your husband love “more stuf,” it can cause a riff even in the most harmonious worlds.

OREO wants to answer that burning question, “What’s Your Stuf?” The iconic sandwich cookie is asking its fans to finally solve the cookie-to-cream ratio debate. It is time to make your “stuf” vote heard.

Since one “stuf” does not fit all, the brand will not eliminate one of its cookies. This promotion is just to have a little fun with the “stuf” debate. It is time to make your voice heard. From OREO Things to MORE Most Stuf, the choice is yours.

The “What’s Your Stuf” campaign will be everywhere. Fans can make a Tik Tok video professing there “stuf” love. There are even “Love Ballad” videos. Can you sing “Ode to Stuf?”

While this idea is entertaining, it goes to show that this classic sandwich cookie is really a treat for everyone. Although the amount of “stuf” can vary, deep down, OREOS are loved by so many people. Sure, people don’t agree on “stuf,” but they do agree on OREOS. In today’s climate, isn’t it nice to find something that everyone agrees on?

Still, FoodSided wants to know – What’s your stuf? Not to sway any votes, Double Stuf is the preference for this site. In our opinion, it offers the best cream to cookie ratio.

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What is your response to OREO’s burning question – What’s your stuf?