How many new Oreo flavors will be hitting store shelves?


While Oreos are America’s favorite sandwich cookie, new Oreo flavors seem to get all the attention. Just how many new flavors will be hitting store shelves?

New Oreo flavors always seem to get a lot of attention. From the churro mystery unveiled to seasonal favorites, that classis sandwich cookie occasionally gets a flavor makeover. While Santa asked for the classic Oreo this year, new flavors will entice fans to try something new.

Looking around the Oreo section of the cookie aisle reveals all types of Oreo flavors. Beyond the Mega Stuff, Thins and Golden Oreos, the Oreo section is filled with all types of creativity. S’mores sits next to Carrot Cake which sits next to Mint. Basically, that crème filling can adopt a variety of flavors.

Several publications are reporting at two new Oreo flavors hitting store shelves this month. It seems that Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut flavors will be rolling out. Given the new year, these two flavors are quite interesting.

Chocolate Marshmallow sounds more like a summer treat. In a way, it could replace that graham cracker in a traditional s’mores. This flavor will be popular with chocolate fans.

The Caramel Coconut sounds almost like a favorite latte or similar to a popular seasonal cookie from girls’ organization. In a way, this flavor combination should be quite tasty with the sandwich cookie. The chocolate, caramel and coconut are always a tasty combination.

Lastly, the Instagram account The Junk Food Aisle is reporting that a Tiramisu Oreo is coming in April 2020. A limited edition flavor offers an Oreo take on the classic Italian dessert.

Looking at the picture, it appears that the crème center is layered. It will be interesting to see how this cookie tastes if you twist apart the cookie.

Also, it is curious that Oreo is using another classic dessert as its flavor inspiration. From the churros to the carrot cake, the cookie can transform itself into other flavors. In some ways, the cookie satisfies that craving when you can have the other dessert.

Oreo fans will have to search store shelves for these new Oreo flavors. If you do spot one, share you find by tagging #FoodSided.

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What new Oreo flavors would you like to see? Is there any Oreo flavor that wouldn’t taste good?