Churro OREO is here, but did you correctly solve the mystery?


After much speculation, the OREO mystery has been solved. Churro OREO is here, but does this new flavor live up to the classic dessert?

While FoodSided didn’t guess correctly, the Churro OREO has been the revealed as the mystery flavor. Given the numerous guesses by OREO, cookie and food fans, the response has been quite interesting. Can this theme park favorite make the classic sandwich cookie even more craveable?

Churros have long been popular treats. There is something irresistible about the warm dough, covered in cinnamon and sugar. While the real churro is far different from this cookie version, the new flavor shows the popularity of the sweet dessert.

Additionally, churros are trending. Whether it is the theme park version, restaurant version or just a homemade version, this dessert has a limitless possibility. This dessert can adapt to both sweet and savory flavors, just look at what Disney does with churros.

While some people might have correctly guessed the mystery flavor, there were several other choices that were popular guesses. According to OREO, the top choices were graham cracker, funnel cake and gingerbread.

Although gingerbread would have been nice, that choice didn’t really fit the flavor profile. There wasn’t enough spice to warrant that flavor guess.

FoodSided thought that the mystery flavor was cookie butter or speculoos. That spiced shortbread cookie is a popular European cookie, which is often eaten around the holidays. While there are some similar flavor notes to churros, this choice was not correct.

Given the popularity of the mystery OREO, it will be curious to see when OREO offers this promotion again. With no visual cues, it can be hard to guess a flavor correctly (who doesn’t remember those Top Chef/Hell’s Kitchen blind taste tests.)

Still, could OREO really push the boundaries with another mystery flavor? While few people might ever want a savory sandwich cookie, there are limitless possibilities for the classic cookie. Just look at all the limited edition flavors that have hit store shelves.

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Did you correctly guess the Churro OREO as the mystery flavor? What flavor would you like to see OREO make next?