Calling all OREO experts, can you solve the new OREO Mystery Flavor?


Ready to put your taste buds to the test? A new OREO Mystery Flavor is back and everyone will want to solve the flavor mystery.

Another food debate is here. The new OREO Mystery Flavor will have foodies weighing in on the newest flavor mystery to hit the food world. While the classic sandwich cookie might look like its iconic self, that crème filled center holds a new flavor. Can you unravel this flavor mystery?

Previously, OREO released a mystery flavor. Back in 2017, the Fruity Pebbles flavor had everyone guessing.

Also, OREO has released numerous limited edition flavors. From the hugely successful S’mores OREOS released this past summer to the Carrot Cake OREOS, there have been all types of flavor twists on the classic cookie and crème filling treat.

The new OREO Mystery Flavor hits store shelves on September 16. OREO is going to be recruiting some famous fans to “taste test” these special OREO cookies. But the taste testing fun isn’t limited, everyone is encouraged to cast their opinion at

To kick off this announcement, Gaten Matarazzo (Stranger Things) shares his best guess on in this Instagram video.

Truthfully, don’t let one person’s guess influence your own taste test. Just because one person tastes cinnamon doesn’t mean that the flavor has anything to do with that spice.

Looking back at previously released flavors, OREO has had a Cinnamon bun flavor as well as an apple pie flavor. There hasn’t been a French Toast flavor, nor has there been a bread pudding flavor.

Taste is subjective. Just because one person says cinnamon and other person could taste nutmeg. Anyone who has watched MasterChef or Top Chef can see that even a professional chef can get a blind taste test terribly wrong.

Since there isn’t a color clue to this flavor, it might be difficult to get the flavor right on the first try. While aroma can help, it could also be misleading.

Although I haven’t tasted these OREOS (yet), I would recommend sampling the crème separate from the cookie. Also, try the cookie separate from the crème. Then, taste the entire cookie. In this scenario, it might help uncover some hints to this cookie flavor mystery.

Most importantly, this promotion is meant to be fun. No one is a food scientist looking to reverse engineer the flavor.

While everyone will have a good guess and enjoy the promotion, the best part is eating an OREO and enjoying the moment. Whether you twist, dip or dunk, OREOS are about having fun and enjoying a sweet treat.

Still, if you just can’t stand not knowing the real flavor behind this OREO mystery, OREO will be sharing clues about the flavor. Be sure to check the Mystery Monday series on the OREO Facebook page and at

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Are you ready to solve the OREO Mystery Flavor? Share your best guess in the comments section or tag us in your taste test using #FoodSided.