Yes, even Santa wants OREO cookies this holiday season


Have you ever wondered which cookie Santa prefers? It seems that OREO cookies add a touch of playful joy this holiday season.

OREO cookies and a glass of milk are always a classic combination. Given that milk and cookies are Santa’s snack on Christmas night, it makes sense that the classic sandwich cookie top Santa’s favorite list. Will you leave him a plate this year?

For many people, OREO cookies have been part of their childhood. Maybe you don’t necessarily remember the first time that you twisted, dunked and ate that classic cookie. Still, that simple ritual can instantly bring back a memory, a smile and a moment of happiness.

During the holiday season, everyone seems to want to recapture a little bit of that simple, joyful moment. Even Santa and his trusty elves might even need to take a moment to enjoy that moment of playfulness.

This year, OREO is showing that even on the busiest day, everyone can take a moment to play. Check out OREO’s new holiday campaign.

This new holiday campaign is poignant for many reasons. First, it is rather cute to see the elf and the store clerk bonding over OREOS. Most likely, this scene probably doesn’t happen at your local convenience store. If you aren’t smiling by the end of this minute, your holiday season might be a little too grinch-y.

Second, the ritual of eating an OREO cookie is universal. It is one of those ideas that crosses generations and demographics. While people may agree to disagree on how to eat an OREO, everyone knows that classic combination of twist, lick and dunk.

Lastly, this scene is all about enjoying the playful moments that people can share over a plate of cookies. In some ways, a simple cookie can bring a simple bliss. Whether it is a reminder to act a little more childlike or makes a connection with someone special, life just seems a little brighter with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk.

Maybe that simple pleasure is part of the reason why so many people want to enjoy cookies over the holiday season. The same can be said about proudly wearing your favorite cookie on your sleeve. No matter the reason, it is the best time to be an OREO fan.

Throughout the holiday season, OREO cookies will be celebrating that holiday spirit and playful fun. From pop-up OREO experience in New York City this December to all types of holiday gifts for under the tree. The sweet smiles are plentiful this holiday season.

Are you ready to get OREO cookies for Santa this year? Who knows, it could bring you a special present on Christmas morning. More importantly, that plate of cookies and milk is a reminder to enjoy the moment this holiday season.

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What is your favorite way to enjoy an OREO? What type of cookies do you leave for Santa every year?