OREO helps Becky G remember her home sweet home connection


Sometimes a simple moment can bring pure happiness. OREO and Becky G show that home sweet home is never too far away.

OREO understand that even a favorite cookie can be that perfect bite to bring home and family a little closer. In its new Stay Playful campaign with Latina Pop-Star Becky G, that always delightful sandwich cookie, a call from home and a little laughter can make all those miles just disappear.

Over the past year, OREO has championed the idea of staying playful. As seen in the Wiz Khalifa commercial, those simple, joyful family moments are meant to be treasured. Just like the cookie that never goes out of style, those memories of being with family and friends never fade.

In the new campaign, featuring Becky G, that always tasty cookie is a reminder that family might be far from home but never far from your heart.

Check out this clip.

The commercial features Becky G’s family and the smiles are definitely genuine. While fans might see their favorite singer on stage, these moments are a reminder that everyone feels that need for a connection. And, yes, a cookie can be that spark to make any day seem a little brighter.

Truthfully, this commercial could be the catalyst for lots of families to spread some more smiles. As a parent, I have hidden special treats in lunchboxes, school backpacks and overnight bags. While not a huge gesture, that little special treat lets them that they are special. It is a moment to be shared no matter where they are.

These campaigns are important for OREO. While the limited-edition flavors and big promotional tie-ins might get people talking, the emotional connection keeps people enjoying the cookies from 2 to 20 to 80. When a person has a deep connection to food and the memories surrounding it, they will always want to enjoy another bite.

Next time you enjoy an Oreo or give an Oreo, remember to share a smile with that sandwich cookie. It could that happy moment that lasts long after that the cookie crumbles.

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What is your favorite Oreo memory? How do you remember to stay playful?