Pepsi Zero Sugar is ready to go all in for Super Bowl LIV, are you?

Matte Black Pepsi Zero Sugar Can, photo provided by Pepsi
Matte Black Pepsi Zero Sugar Can, photo provided by Pepsi /

On February 2, Super Bowl LIV will have people glued to the excitement. For the big event, Pepsi Zero Sugar is going all in, and so will you.

Have you cracked open a Pepsi Zero Sugar? The new year looks to be even bigger and better for the zero-sugar Pepsi beverage. As the world prepares for the excitement that is Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Pepsi is going all in for the big game. Are you ready to cheer for the zero?

As the sponsor of the Super Bowl halftime show, Pepsi always makes a huge splash at the final game of the NFL season. Given that this season marks the 100th anniversary, the event is even bigger and bolder than ever.

To make this game even more exciting for fans, Pepsi is encouraging everyone to bet on zero. If “either team in Super Bowl LIV finishes the game with a score that ends in zero,” then “every fan in the U.S. will be eligible to be reimbursed the cost of a free Pepsi Zero Sugar.”  While there are exact terms and conditions, this offer is the perfect time to take a sip of the zero-sugar Pepsi beverage.

While people want bigger, they do not want more calories. Even though consumers never want to compromise on taste. Pepsi Zero Sugar delivers that distinct Pepsi flavor just in a sugar-free option.

According to Todd Kaplan, Vice President, Marketing, Pepsi, “We’ve learned that once people discover the great taste of Pepsi Zero Sugar, they can’t get enough of it and keep going back for more.” That belief had Pepsi go all in for the Super Bowl LIV promotion.

Looking back at statistics, there is a good chance that everyone will get a free Pepsi. The brand found that in the 53 previous Super Bowl games, 25% finished in a score ending in a zero. Given that this year marks the 100th anniversary, maybe there is a good omen that a score will end in a zero.

In addition to the possible free Pepsi, the Pepsi Zero Sugar can is getting a whole new look, The new black matte can and black tab definitely makes a sleek, modern statement. In a way, a bold visual to go along with the bold taste. This Pepsi can, and the beverage itself, wants to set itself apart from the crowd.

The new matte black can will be appearing around Miami for the Super Bowl festivities. From ads to the Friday night party in Miami before the big game, everyone will become familiar with the bold, new look.

This type of innovation, in both design and formulation, is smart for Pepsi. The flavor does not stray far away from what fans love, but it evolves with current trends. From removing sugar to modern design, the innovation keeps the brand moving forward without losing its core identity.

Since the Super Bowl is such a significant venue for brands, this type of promotion and exposure is essential for Pepsi. Given this direction, it will be interesting to see what else could be revealed throughout the year.

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While some betting people might always bet on black, for Super Bowl LIV it is time to bet on zero, Pepsi Zero Sugar. Going all in on that wager makes everyone a winner.