Could you get free Buffalo Wild Wings on February 2?


While the teams are set for the Big Game, free Buffalo Wild Wings could be the ultimate win on February 2. Could free wings really be in your future?

Does free Buffalo Wild Wings sound enticing to you? While America’s Sports Bar will be filled with fans cheering every first down, score and even some commercials on February 2, many people will be cheering for the possibility of free wings. Could this free wings offer really happen?

According to Buffalo Wild Wings, everyone will get free wings if the Big Game goes to overtime on February 2. While Buffalo Wild Wing offered this promotion last year, America did not get the free wings (thanks Patriots). Still, there is a decent chance that the bet will be paid in 2020.

During this season, there have been overtime games, which shows that it can happen. Although the Big Game is a different animal, anything is possible.

Through its gaming partner BetMGM, “the moneyline for the game going into OT opened at +875, meaning a $100 bet would net $975 (including stake) if the game goes to OT.” To put it more clearly, there is a 10% chance of winning free wings this year.

The Big Game has all types of betting possibilities. From the coin toss to the duration of the National Anthem to the final score, there is a prediction for almost everything on the field. Still, it makes sense that Buffalo Wild Wings is betting on overtime. Remember all those commercials where guests wanted more game time to enjoy a delicious plate of wings and a cold beverage?

If the Big Game hits that overtime scenario, fans will have to wait for their free wings. The promotions will be “paid” on February 17 from 4-7 p.m. local time.

Even if the Big Game bet doesn’t pay off, everyone wins on Thursdays. Buffalo Wild Wings offers buy one get one free offer boneless wings on Thursdays. Even though football season might be over, this offer is a great reason to enjoy a dinner out with friends.

On February 2, everyone can agree the tastiest outcome will happen if the Big Game goes into overtime. Free Buffalo Wild Wings are always a winner.

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Where will you be watching the Big Game on February 2? What are you most excited to see?