Late July adds new chip flavors, are you ready to get snacking?

Late July No Grain Tortilla Chips, photo provided by Late July
Late July No Grain Tortilla Chips, photo provided by Late July /

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that everyone has to give up snack time. Late July chips have added several new flavors that make snack time healthier and delicious.

Late July chips believe that snacking can be a part any healthy lifestyle. With a few smart swaps, everyone can have a tasty chip that fits with her eating choices. Life is too short to give up snacks entirely.

For many people who follow grain free eating choices, snacks can be quite a quest. While no one wants to totally sabotage eating choices, the craving for a crispy, crunchy bite can take over even the strongest of willpower. Luckily, more companies are finding alternative flours that are quite satisfying.

Late July has introduced a grain free tortilla chip that offers a great crunch and a satisfying texture. Made with Tigernut flour, these tortilla chips offers a familiar snack without the grain. It is a win for everyone.

Even though FoodSided tries to stay up to date with all the latest food trends, Tigernut flour is not stocked in our pantry. With a little research and help from Late July, we learned that Tigernut flour is a nut-free root vegetable. The taste has a slightly nutty flavor and the ingredient is found in Spain and Morocco.

For the grain free tortilla chips, Late July used tigernut flour, cassava flour and chia seeds to great a no grain tortilla chip. The resulting chip has a good crunch and a slightly lighter texture than traditional tortilla chips.

After trying both the Sea Salt and Sea Salt with Lime, these tortilla chips are quite tasty. Given the difference in texture, snackers will not confuse them with traditional tortilla chips. Still, they are a great no grain option.

The sea salt and lime flavors come through in each bite. While not overpowering, the tortilla chips are far from bland. Personally, a mango salsa was the best flavor pairing. The combination of salty, sweet and a touch of heat was quite good.

The Late July no grain tortilla chips are definitely on trend. People do not want to sacrifice all their favorite foods just because they have adopted different eating habits. A snack option that fits with their balanced lifestyle is wanted.

Beyond the No Grain tortilla chips, Late July released an USDA Certified Organic potato chip. As more consumers are demanding organic ingredients, this chip will quickly surge to popularity. These chips are “Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher and with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.”

As consumers become more ingredient savvy, they will seek out brands that check all the boxes. Additionally, those snacks need to deliver the flavors that people crave. If the flavors do not deliver, consumers will keep looking for alternatives.

These organic potato chips deliver on both the flavor and texture. They are just the right thickness to offer the crunch that satisfies. While best enjoyed on their own, these chips do stand up to dipping.

The newest additions to the Late July chips brand will be hitting store shelves this month with more availability coming later in the Spring.

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Give into that snack craving with an option that fits a balanced lifestyle. Late July chips have a snack waiting for you.