Frosted Mini-Wheats Filled, cereal with tasty, fruity surprise

New Frosted Mini Wheats Filled Mixed Berry, photo provided by Frosted Mini Wheats
New Frosted Mini Wheats Filled Mixed Berry, photo provided by Frosted Mini Wheats /

Your favorite Frosted Mini-Wheats got a fruity upgrade. Frosted Mini-Wheats Filled is the newest cereal to hit store shelves and you will want a taste.

Time to fill up that cereal bowl with a new treat. Frosted Mini-Wheats Filled are hitting store shelves and everyone will want to try this new Frosted Mini-Wheats flavor. While each bite has  the classic cereal flavor, the hidden surprise in each bite will make your taste buds perk up with excitement.

Frosted Mini-Wheats have been a cereal staple. Those little pillowy shaped bites are filled with 100% whole grain wheat, offer 7 essential vitamins and minerals and are bursting with fiber. To say that a bowl keeps the growl away is an understatement.

While all the nutrient packed goodness makes cereal lovers feel good about another bowl, the flavor brings people back time and again. Whether it is the touch of sweetness or the satisfaction in each bite, this Kellogg’s cereal is a favorite with everyone in the house.

Over the year, Frosted Mini-Wheats has expanded its flavor offerings. From the bright blueberry to the rich chocolate, the flavor variations keep the classic cereal fresh.

Since the brand is always looking for more ways to stop the growl, the new Frosted Mini-Wheats Filled is the perfect bite for cereal fans looking for a new flavor. Without losing the classic cereal texture, this version has a special flavor surprise hidden in each bite.

Tucked inside each cereal piece is a “fruit-flavored filling of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry.” The flavor is similar to a fruit jam medley. Not too sweet yet not tart, it is a lovely sweetness to accompany the classic whole-grain wheat.

Unlike the other flavored Frosted Mini Wheats, this filled version ensures that the fruit flavor comes through in each bite. Since the fruit flavor is on the inside, each bite always has that fruity goodness.

Although the “cereal milk” might not be as sweet as the original Frosted Mini Wheats, the individual bites are quite tasty. This flavor definitely keeps the stomach grumbles at bay (and tastes delicious with a morning cup of coffee.)

The Frosted Mini Wheats Filled appeared on store shelves as of January 20. It should be found near other Frosted Mini Wheat varieties.

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Are you excited to try the Frosted Mini Wheats Filled? How do you stop the growl at breakfast?