NHL All Star Menu celebrates a taste of the NHL

STL-Chi-town “Game Misconduct” Hot Italian Beef, photo provided by Levy
STL-Chi-town “Game Misconduct” Hot Italian Beef, photo provided by Levy /

As hockey greats gather in St. Louis for the All-Star Events, the NHL All Star Menu celebrates a taste of the NHL. Can you eat your way through all the cities?

While the ice might be cold, the NHL All Star Menu is going to be hot. At the Enterprise Center, hospitality partner Levy is offering a taste of the NHL. Featuring a variety of dishes that pay homage to other NHL cities, this celebratory event is going to be exciting both on and off the ice.

Starting on Friday, January 24 and Saturday, January 24, these special NHL All Star Menu items will be available in the Enterprise Center concourse. While the special dishes honor various NHL cities, the food celebrates the culinary culture of St. Louis.

For the event, Levy and its partners have added nine new specialty dishes for the All-Star Weekend. From twists on classics to bold, creative items, there is a dish that appeals to every guest.

According to Levy, the “3 Stars Menu” will feature a variety of food and beverage options. From St. Louis classics to bold global flavors, these menu items are definitely going to score with fans. Are you ready to dig in?

Here are a few of the 3 Stars Menu highlights:

NHL All Star Menu
St. Louis “Big as Your Head” Toasted Ravioli, photo provided by Levy /

St. Louis “Big as Your Head” Toasted Ravioli

Toasted Ravioli is a St. Louis favorite. This version is gigantic and could probably feed two people. Filled with beer, ricotta and mozzarella, it is definitely satisfying. While you could order two, it might be a little much to handle on your own.

Arizona Impossible Taco

As the plant based food trend continues to grow, this taco highlights the Impossible taco meat. More importantly, the flavors shine. From the fried bread to the green chile, this taco is impossible to resist.

NHL All Star Menu
Montreal Poutine Deluxe at NHL All Star Weekend, photo provided by Levy /

Montreal Poutine Deluxe

Is there anything more tempting than a delicious poutine? This version is quite elevated for a stadium. With red wine braised beef and red wine sauce, the cheese curds have their perfect pair. The mustard caviar is a delicious touch, too.

Dallas Banh Mi

For many people, a tasty Banh Mi is all about the bread, but this version is all about that smoked brisket. Add some avocado chimichurri and pickled vegetables, this sandwich is a global flavor mash-up.

Los Angeles Bulgolgi Cheesesteak

While everyone loves a tasty cheesesteak, this version adds a flavorful twist. The traditional Philly-style beef gets a boost of flavor from the Korean chili aioli and the Korean BBQ sauce. While the cheese tames the heat, it is a bold bite.

STL-Chi-town “Game Misconduct” Hot Italian Beef

When you cannot decide between brisket and bratwurst, why not have both. This sandwich is piled high with beef brisket and Budweiser bratwurst. The only misconduct with this sandwich is the extra gym time that is needed to burn off all those calories.

NHL All Star Menu
Minnesota Bacon Apple Kraut Brat, photo provided by Levy /

Minnesota Bacon Apple Kraut Brat

While brats and sports are a great pairing, this brat has a different twist. The gourmet bratwurst is nestled on a butter-griddled wild rice bun. With all the tasty toppings, it could be a brat to remember.

In addition to all the tasty dishes, there are two specialty cocktails on the NHL All Star Menu. The STL Hurricane packs a powerful punch. With two different rums and a variety of flavors, you might want to sample just one.

The other cocktail is the Carnival Cocktail. Given the strength of this cocktail, guests might be dancing in the concourse.

This special NHL All Star Menu is just a few of the many tasty food choices at the NHL event in St. Louis. From the food to the play, it will be a wonderful celebration of hockey.

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Which NHL All Star Menu item are you most excited to try? What is your favorite food to enjoy at a hockey game?