20 food trends that you need to taste in 2020


As the calendar turns, a New Year presents all new food trends. While foodies might be fickle, many food lovers are always looking to taste, try and dabble in a new food.

Food trends are always a popular topic for foodies. From the Food Network to chefs to brands, everyone is giving their predictions on the next must have food, flavor or pop culture fixture. Since life is filled with foodie adventures, making a point to sample and savor as many new, different or trending foods could be the best New Year’s Resolution for any foodie in 2020.

Here are 20 food trends that any and every foodie should taste in 2020.

Eat more veggies

From the flexitarian lifestyle to specialty diets, veggies are filling the plate. As more companies find ways to add veggies to favorite foods, it becomes easier and easier to ensure a daily serving of vegetables. Even those sneaky ways can get the pickiest of eaters to smile at the dinner table.

Environmental footprint

As more companies ditch plastic straws and single use plastic, consumers are becoming more aware of their environmental footprint. While some people might miss those straws, more companies are finding ways to make reusable items more convenient and accessible. Maybe next time you want a beverage at your favorite fast food restaurant, you might have to bring your own cup.

Black Garlic

Although many home cooks have plenty of garlic in the house, black garlic has a whole different flavor. The sweet, slightly syrupy flavor has all types of uses. The aged garlic has a higher sugar content which creates a sweeter flavor. From savory to sweet, black garlic is something that any foodie should discover in the new year.


The Korean spirit will find its way into more cocktail menus. While many Koreans enjoy drinking this spirit straight, it is quite lovely in a cocktail. Another option is to drink it with beer. Either way, cheers to new liquor trends.

Grilling and fire roasted recipes

From the Big Green Egg to the George Foreman grill, grilling and fire roasted recipes are growing in popularity. Since the flame adds flavor, foodies are starting to experiment with more recipes. Whether simple or complex, these recipes offer many ways to enjoy all types of foods.

Savory desserts

While some people love a sweet ending to a meal, more people are looking to savory desserts to complete an evening. From herbs to cheeses, desserts do not always have to be a sugar bomb.

Plant-based food alternatives go mainstream

Plant-based foods have been everywhere in 2019. Now, popular brands, like Digiorno and Stouffers, are adding plant-based food options to their lines. Given the rise of the flexitarian lifestyle, many people will be awaiting for these products to hit store shelves.


Whether it is a dry January or cutting back on over-indulging, mocktails are a great option for many people. The mocktails are becoming more flavorful. They are more than just omitting the alcohol.

Basil Seeds

While many people are familiar with chai seeds, basil seeds might become the new super food. Although the exact health benefits are debated, some people believe that basil seeds help to add fiber, offer nutrients and several other benefits. They can be a great alternative to chai seeds.

Levantine Cuisine (Israeli, Turkish, Lebanese)

Embracing global cuisine isn’t necessarily a new concept. Now, other global flavors are coming into popularity. Levantine cuisine will be arriving on the home table. From seasonings to recipes, it is a way for foodies to see more similarities across cultures.



During the summer, the spritz was everywhere and that light, effervescent cocktail trend will continue. It is a delightful way to start a meal as an apertif.

Spicy Snacks

In the past year, spicy snacks have taken over store shelves. The bold flavor trend will continue. From powerful peppers to global spices, that plain potato chip continues to get a makeover.

Non-Dairy ice cream

Even when people want to eat healthy, there are certain foods that people just can’t give up. The rise of flavorful, creative non-dairy ice creams continues. Lead by foodie favorite NadaMoo, non-dairy ice cream might become a new favorite frozen treat.

Aromatic cocktail garnishes

While a lemon twist or a sweet cherry might be delightful, adding other aromatic cocktail garnishes can elevate even a classic cocktail. From a sprig of thyme to a branch of rosemary, the aroma adds another level to the cocktail’s enjoyment.

Sour flavors

Although sour candy has been trending for a while, sour flavors are coming to more recipes. With the additional of ingredients like yuzu, sour packs a big punch. Adding another layer of flavor can really make a recipe pop.

Eat local

Similar to adding more veggies, foodies want to know where their food is produced. Knowing their farmer could be as important as knowing an ingredient list. Understanding how and where food is grown becomes more important.

Oat Milk

As some people leave diary behind, milk alternatives continue to increase. Oat milk has become a hot commodity and will continue into the new year. It offers the flavor and texture that satisfies from cereal bowl to latte.

Alcoholic seltzers

While 2019 might have been the year of White Claw, 2020 will continue to see the rise of alcoholic seltzers. With Bud Light Seltzer joining the game, drinkers have even more options. Hopefully those store shelves stay stocked.

Ghost Kitchens

With the rise of DoorDash and Uber Eats, the ghost kitchen, aka a delivery only restaurant, will continue to grow. This method gives chefs the option to be creative and hopefully be successful. As seen in shows like Restaurant Impossible, running a restaurant can be a difficult business.

Nostalgic foods

Although foodies are always looking for the new, next big thing, a sense of nostalgia always brings them back to the table. From classic family recipes to iconic dishes, nostalgic foods will always have a place on the table.

These 20 food trends are just a few thoughts on foods and flavors that foodies might be seeking in the New Year. Check back in 365 days and see if these predictions were right.

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What are you excited to try in 2020? What food trends do you think will be most popular?