DoorDash predicts that Thai food will be as all American as apple pie


What do apple pie and Thai food have in common? DoorDash has those two foods on its 2020 food trend prediction list.

Food trends are always a popular topic with foodies. DoorDash has gathered its experts and poured over consumers’ ordering preferences to determine its predictions for 2020 food trends. Could your next three course meal consist Cream cheese rangoons, Thai food and apple pie?

As one year ends and another one begins, foodies tend to take stock in all those delicious bites. Who doesn’t remember the year of the croughnut or the obsession over the first bite of an Impossible Burger?

Recently, DoorDash took stock of what consumers were eating this past year. According to their survey, 2019 was all about Mexican food. While Taco Tuesday might be a family ritual, Mexican food is more than just a weekly taco.

With the burrito bowl topping the most ordered list, it seems that Mexican food has a wide appeal. Whether it is the DIY component or the flavor, the hot dog may no longer be the All-American meal.

Even as a new year approaches, it doesn’t mean that the most popular 2019 foods will fade away like that summer tan. People will still want that taco, but they might want to seek out a little something different as well.

Looking ahead, DoorDash has made some interesting predictions for 2020. While other companies focused on non-traditional ingredients (remember mung beans), DoorDash is focusing more on types of cuisine and particular dishes. Although these comments are predictions, there seems to be a strong basis for these ideas.

It seems that Thai food will have a big moment in 2020. The Asian cuisine was ranked as 2019’s best new food and it seems that consumers liked what they tasted. Thai food can offer a lovely balance of flavors. Spicy, sweet, sour, salty and umami are key components to this cuisine.

While Thai food might be filling your takeout containers, another food trend seems to offer an opposite take. Nostalgic foods, like apple pie, seem to be trending. Who knew that this simple, yet always tasty dessert, would over- take the decadent cheesecake or simple brownie sundae?

Although these two trends seem opposite, they are more alike than they are different. Both foods are comforting. Maybe people are just looking for a satisfying bite that just seems to make everything better.

The most unusual food trend on DoorDash’s list for 2020 is cream cheese rangoons. While everyone sees this choice on menus, it hasn’t necessarily been the most ordered item. Maybe there is something new and exciting coming to this particular dish. Then again, maybe it is a blast from the past making a comeback.

Again, DoorDash’s report is a fun read. Even if the predictions prove to true, untrue or something in between, it is a fun conversation. More importantly, it is a tasty adventure to try all these different bites.

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What do you think of these food trend predictions? Do you have a food prediction for 2020?