Forget 7 layer bean dip, BUSH’S Beans has the ultimate game day snack

BUSH'S Beans 70 layer bean dip, photo provided by BUSH'S Beans
BUSH'S Beans 70 layer bean dip, photo provided by BUSH'S Beans /

One ultimate game day snack is always 7 layer bean dip. This year, BUSH’s Beans feels that seven layers needed a big, really big upgrade.

Did you know that 7 layer bean dip is one of the most searched for recipes around the Big Game? This year BUSH’S Beans decided that 7 layers wasn’t enough. They wanted to go bigger than ever. Who is ready to tackle the ultimate game day layer dip?

Just recently, BUSH’S Baked Beans broke the Guinness World Records title for the largest layered dip. The 70-layer bean dip weighed in at a gigantic 1,087 points. It broke the previous record by over 500 pounds.

Even more impressive, the layer bean dip was comprised of several dip versions. It was celebration of everything that bean dip can be.

Now, since no one wants to waste all that tasty food, the 70-layer dip was donated to a local charity to be enjoyed by all. That record breaking dip was just too impressive not to share. Although, it seems likely that they needed a really big spoon to serve it up.

If you wondered how the team at BUSH’S Beans created this masterpiece, check out this video.

While the experts can make this gigantic layer bean dip, home cooks can be creative for their Big Game parties. BUSH’S Beans has 10 unique 7-layer bean dip recipes on its website. Options include Caprese, Mediterranean and Cuban.

Although the classic, visible layer options are always a good choice, the layered barbecue bean dip has been popular at many Big Game parties. It offers all those layered flavors, just not layered. Plus, it is really easy to make an extra batch during half time.

Snacking and easy dips are always a good choice for Big Game parties. From favorite tortilla chips to chicken wings, the annual football and commercial watching event is a feast from beginning to end.

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What is your favorite Big Game recipe? Are you serving 7 layer bean dip at your party?