Casamigos Tequila shakes up perfect cocktails for a Big Game party

Casa Superbowl, by Casamigos Tequila
Casa Superbowl, by Casamigos Tequila /

As the Big Game kicks off in Miami, Casamigos Tequila is shaking up two cocktails for any Big Game party that are the perfect pairing to all those tasty dishes.

With Miami bringing the heat to this Sunday’s big game, Casamigos Tequila has created two tequila, Big Game party cocktails that are the perfect pairing to the ultimate gridiron throwdown watching party. What will you be sipping on Sunday?

When it comes to throwing a Big Game party, there are a few necessities. While people can debate the best snacks and compete in a chicken wing eating contest, a refreshing cocktail always scores with guests.

The key to a great party cocktail is the pairing versatility. No one wants to have a cocktail that overpowers that game day food. The key is to find an approachable and easy cocktail that appeals to everyone and doesn’t require the party host to spend the night behind the bar.

With those ideas in mind, Casamigos Tequila suggests these two Big Game cocktails that are tasty, easy to make and pair well with almost anything. Also, each of these cocktails can come with a personal twist, if so inclined.

Ready to shake up some Big Game cocktails?

The Casa Game Changer

This Big Game cocktail keeps it light and flavorful. Similar to a Bloody Maria, the Bloody Mary and tequila combination might remind you of a brunch option, but these flavors work well with sliders, chicken wings and more.

Plus, with the floater of Mexican beer, the cocktail is refreshing. The touch of bubbles balances the other flavors. FoodSided suggests using the Serrano slices. The burst of heat is just is a perfect nod to Miami and the fiery plays on the field.

Here’s how to make The Casa Game Changer

Casamigos Tequila
Casa Game Changer, photo provided by Casamigos Tequila /

"The Casa Game ChangerIngredients1 oz. Casamigos Blanco Tequila1 oz. Bloody Mary Mix.5 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice.25 oz. Worcester Sauce2 Dashes Firewater Bitters OR 2 Muddled Serrano SlicesTop off with Mexican Beer½ Thick Rim Salt/Sugar/Tajin Mixture (Equal Parts)Method: Combine all ingredients into shaker except beer. Muddle serrano if not using firewater bitters, dry shake (no ice), and fine strain into pint glass. Add 1 large ice block or 3–4 smaller ice cubes, top off with Mexican beer, and garnish with large basil leaf, lemon wheel, and Serrano through skewer."

Casa Super Bowl

Under the warm Miami sun, a margarita is always refreshing. Sometimes that classic cocktail can benefit from a little boost. This version is definitely a recipe to remember.

By using the splash of blonde beer, the cocktail adds some additional flavor and bubbles. The beer keeps the cocktail balanced with that right amount of sweet and tart. While you might want one each quarter, remember to drink responsibility.

Here’s how to make Casa Super Bowl.

"Casa Super BowlIngredients1.5 oz. Casamigos Blanco Tequila1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice.5 oz. Simple Syrup2 Dashes Orange BittersSplash of Blonde BeerMethod: Combine all ingredients, except beer into tin shaker. Add ice, shake vigorously, and strain into pint glass. Add fresh ice, top off with blonde beer, and garnish with football lime wedge."

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Are you thinking of shaking up a special cocktail while watching the Big Game? Which Casamigos Tequila cocktail scores big with you?