SodaStream uses its Super Bowl commercial to discover what’s possible

SodaStream Super Bowl commercial featuring Bill Nye and Alyssa Carson, photo provided by SodaStream
SodaStream Super Bowl commercial featuring Bill Nye and Alyssa Carson, photo provided by SodaStream /

Discovering possibilities shouldn’t be science fiction. The SodaStream Super Bowl commercial explores a world that isn’t limited by plastic pollution.

For years, SodaStream has encouraged consumers to ditch the single use plastic for a more environmentally conscious option. In the SodaStream Super Bowl commercial, the brand looks to discover more possibilities in some uncharted territory. Isn’t it time to eliminate the single-use plastic?

Everyone loves science guy Bill Nye. Sometimes his simple to understand concepts seem to convey an issue so that everyone can appreciate it. He once said, “To leave the world better than you found it, sometimes you have to pick up other people’s trash.” Unfortunately, in today’s world, single use plastic is no longer just other people’s trash.

According to SodaStream, the company looks to remove “67 billion single-use bottles.” That number is astonishing. While Hard Rock Stadium is doing its part with the infinitely recyclable aluminum cup at Super Bowl LIV, each and every person can do her part, too. Why can’t a person enjoy a carbonated beverage from this kitchen appliance instead of grabbing another bottle.

In the company’s first Super Bowl commercial, the brand makes a life changing discovery. With the help of Bill Nye and Alyssa Carson, the 18 year old astrobiology student who is certified to go to space, a space discovery might not be science fiction.

Check out the commercial.

While this commercial is fictional and there is a little humor at the end, there are many takeaways from it. In a way, people can change everything.

Space exploration offers a multitude of opportunities, but saving planet Earth needs to be addressed. Beyond ditching the plastic straw and touting the reusable bag, consumers need to be aware of their choices. Sometimes a small change can have a huge impact.

Switching to a SodaStream for sparkling water is a simple, easy choice for many households. While the family might want a bolder labeling system so that “Mark’s water” isn’t confused with “Mars water,” the idea of everyone having their own water bottle isn’t unreasonable. A little change in habit can create a ripple effect.

Nye said, “science is our future.” While a SodaStream isn’t astrophysics, it is a solution to a potentially better future, a world with less single use plastic trash. Can’t everyone appreciate that type of future?

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Do you own a SodaStream? How are you reducing your need for single use plastic?