Blue Moon BBQ sauce is back at Buffalo Wild Wings

LTO Blue Moon BBQ returns to Buffalo Wild Wings, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
LTO Blue Moon BBQ returns to Buffalo Wild Wings, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

Buffalo Wild Wings has the perfect pairing for a Blue Moon beer. Blue Moon BBQ sauce is back on the menu and it is the perfect reason to eat more wings.

Hungry for more chicken wings? Buffalo Wild Wings has brought back the fan favorite Blue Moon BBQ sauce. What better reason to grab a friend and enjoy an order of tasty BWW wings and a frosty cold Blue Moon.

While BWW has 24 wing flavors, there are certain flavors that fans love. Sometimes those limited-edition sauces, like Jammin Jalapeno or BMF sauce, quickly become guests’ favorite flavors. It can be the best excuse to make another visit to BWW.

The Blue Moon BBQ sauce features “Blue Moon craft beer, sweet citrus, and the perfect blend of spices.” One of the featured spices is coriander. The tangy flavor brings the boldness without overly fiery heat.

Sometimes bold flavors do not need to go to the extreme. This sauce offers layers of flavors that make guests go back for another bite after bite. Plus, with the touch of orange, the sauce has the punch of brightness that helps to keep the flavors balanced.

More importantly, it pairs beautifully with either a Blue Moon or the Light Sky. The 95-calories citrus beer is a great option for the wheat beer drinker who wants that classic flavor but with fewer calories. After all, there is nothing better than a plate of wings and a frosty cold beer.

If this special Blue Moon BBQ sauce sounds tempting, guests better hurry into BWW to enjoy it. As the first limited edition sauce of the year, it will only be around for two months.

If you love this special Buffalo Wild Wings sauce, share that love with BWW. Snap a picture, post on socials and tell everyone to get an order before it disappears. Maybe if enough people crave this sauce, it will make another appearance on the menu.

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What is your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings sauce? Do you want to try the Blue Moon BBQ sauce?