Goose Island So-Lo will pay to you make small, realistic resolutions

Zucchini Tots paired with Goose Island So Lo IPA, photo provided by Goose Island
Zucchini Tots paired with Goose Island So Lo IPA, photo provided by Goose Island /

Sometimes those lofty goals can be overwhelming. Goose Island So-Lo thinks that small, realistic change is more reasonable and is here to support you.

Do you need some encouragement to stick to a resolution? Goose Island So-Lo thinks that the small, reasonable changes can be the more realistic lifestyle resolutions. After the newest of that commitment wears off, that drastic, over-encompassing change can seem just too daunting. Are you ready to embrace that little difference in your lifestyle?

Goose Island So-Lo is all about celebrating those little changes. With only 8% of people really sticking to those resolutions, the beer brand is giving people an incentive to make a realistic, achievable difference int their lives. And, the beer company is willing to put their money behind you.

Starting today, people can apply to Goose Island for sponsorship. The beer brand will be giving away a total of $98,000 ($9,800 per person, for 10 people) to sponsor “small, realistic changes to their lifestyle.” After all, starting small can make permanent change.

If you think that Goose Island should sponsor your small change, submit your story or video to The story has to be 98 words or less or the video needs to be 98 seconds or less. Again, small is the focus.

Actually, the 98 is referencing the So-Lo’s 98 calorie in the IPA. While the beer is full-bodied, it isn’t big in calories. Again, small is the name of the game.

This concept is really interesting. There are various programs that use monetary awards to encourage people achieve a goal, celebrate an accomplishment or make a change in lifestyle. If this promotion can celebrate those small changes, why should everyone cheer?

In many ways, the lower calorie beer movement is one of those changes. Even though Dry-January was a big trend, many people looked to incorporate less drastic changes. Sometimes finding the lifestyle balance is key to permanent success.

Truthfully, the rise in the lower calorie beer options shows that people are wanting small change. Life shouldn’t be about extremes. Although the old phrase, of wanting cake and eating it too might be overused, people don’t want to feel deprived. These lower calorie beers, that are full flavored, are a great option.

If you think that you have a small change story that will capture the attention of Goose Island So-Lo, make sure to apply. That small change could reap big rewards.

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What small changes have you implemented this year? Are you still sticking to that resolution?