Cape Cod Potato Chips newest chip flavor bring a tangy, tasty punch

Cape Cod’s new Sour Cream & Onion potato chips, photo provided by Cape Cod
Cape Cod’s new Sour Cream & Onion potato chips, photo provided by Cape Cod /

Ready for a new kettle chip? Cape Cod Potato Chips just launched a new flavor and the taste brings a tangy, savory note to snack time.

If you love Cape Code Potato Chips, you will want to try the newest flavor coming to the chip line-up. While those crunchy, kettle chips always satisfy, this new flavor will have you thinking of all types of flavor pairings. Are you ready for Sour Cream and Onion?

The Sour Cream and Onion flavor join the over 20 snack offerings in the Cape Cod Potato Chips lineup. This flavor combines a tangy sour cream with the savory flavor of onion. The two flavors blend to bring a classic snacking combination that many people will crave.

Since Cape Cod is a kettle chip, that type of chips helps to make the flavors more apparent. The cooking method helps make the flavors absorb more on the chip. It ensures that each bite has the perfect, tangy flavor combination.

It is interesting that Cape Cod Potato Chips chose to go a savory route with the new flavor. Where many other brands highlight the fiery hot, this flavor is more classic. Whether eaten on its own or served with a classic hamburger, it brings back those classic food memories.

In some ways, this chip flavor is the perfect backyard barbecue chip. In a single bite, it brings that chip and dip combination that many people love.

Additionally, it would make a great topping for a hamburger. From the extra crunch to the tangy flavor, it could make a plain burger much more exciting.

Cape Cod Potato Chips is constantly evolving its offerings. From classic flavors to special partnerships with beverage companies, the brand understands that it needs to balance innovation with the kettle chips that fans love. It will be interesting to see what the brand looks to do come summer snacking season.

The new Cape Cod Potato Chips in Sour Cream and Onion flavor will be hitting store shelves soon.

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What is your favorite potato chip? Do you like traditional or more innovative snack flavors?