Milano cookies are preparing to be Oscars red carpet best dressed

Milano Best Dressed Cookies, photo provided by. Milano
Milano Best Dressed Cookies, photo provided by. Milano /

Milano cookies are always great for me time, but this weekend those iconic cookies are ready for Oscars red carpet best dressed. What will you pair with them?

Who will be Oscars red carpet best dressed? Milano cookies are ready to cast their vote for the most stunning, most alluring and most controversial look during the Academy Awards. Are you ready for some red carpet ready cookies?

During the Oscars, Milano cookies and its partner, Cades Cakes, will be finding inspiration from the red carpet. While those famous actors might not be eating those cookies, those looks will get a sweet twist, in cookie form.

Cade Cakes is known for creative, unconventional desserts. From custom cakes to pies to cookies, the dessert artist can make a sweet statement. Just look at some of the cookies based on legendary red carpet looks.

Based on the picture, a few of those iconic looks are instantly recognizable. Who doesn’t remember that swan dress? It will be interesting to see if anyone can make that fashion moment on this year’s red carpet.

In some ways, this fun event shows how versatile the Milano cookie is. While many people enjoy the cookie as part of “me time,” it can be dressed up for a special occasion. Maybe at Valentine’s Day, you can transform those cookies into expressions of love. Those Easter baskets could be filled with colorful egg-tastic treats. The possibilities are many.

If you want to see all these Milano cookies transformed into some amazing Oscars red carpet looks, follow along on Milano’s Twitter account and the hashtag #BestDressedCookies.

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Have you dressed up any Milano cookies? What is your favorite Milano cookie flavor?