McDonald’s Palentine’s Day celebrates a new February 14 tradition

McDonald's celebrates Palentine’s Day, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's celebrates Palentine’s Day, photo provided by McDonald's /

Tired of the roses and romance? McDonald’s Palentine’s Day is the perfect way to celebrate people who bring joy to your life. Isn’t that worthy of a Big Mac?

Instead of focusing on the Anti-Valentine’s Day, McDonald’s Palentine’s Day brings a little light spirited fun to the annual February 14 celebration. Why spend hundreds of dollars on extravagant dinners and over the top gifts. A McDelivery from DoorDash could be the perfect way to share the love this season.

Even when everyone is overwhelmed with the amazing, over the top and insane Valentine’s Day celebrations, simple can really get to the heart of the matter. Beside putting too much pressure on the event, there are other ways to make a special gesture. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have a conservation, enjoy a good laugh or just have a moment of ease?

This year, McDelivery with DoorDash is encouraging everyone to start a new tradition, McDonald’s Palentine’s Day. Whether you enjoy the day with friends, family or a special someone, the idea is to remove the hassle and have some fun.

The DIY Palentine’s Day could become your new February 14 tradition. Check out this video.

After watching that video, why didn’t anyone think of these ideas. Wouldn’t you turn a burger into a heart? That idea is super easy and perfect for any occasion, not just February 14.

And, with so many people loving fry boards right now, why not spell out a special message with fries. Whether you use condiments for added effect or make the fry message a dinner time game, it puts the focus back on fun.

Lastly, the chicken nugget bouquet is a popular idea for Valentine’s Day. While everyone might be over the chicken sandwich wars, there is nothing that beats a chicken nugget. Just think about playing that old game, he loves me, he loves me not with nuggets. The person left without the extra nugget might need some extra love.

If you are looking to celebrate McDonald’s Palantine’s Day, McDelivery and DoorDash have you covered. From February 13 through Monday, February 17 customers can get $5 off your $15 minimum purchase. Use the code, LOVEMCD, at check out.

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Are you ready to celebrate McDonald’s Palentine’s Day this year? What is your idea to keep it simple this Valentine’s Day?