Are you ready for the Big Fried Cheese at Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s?

It is time to skip the salad for something more comforting. The Big Fried Cheese at Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s is the ooey, gooey bite that everyone will crave a big bite.

Need an excuse to head to Carl’s Jr or Hardee’s? The new Big Fried Cheese is that reason. If you are craving some cheesy goodness, this new menu option will have you getting in your car to go grab a bite. Are you hungry yet?

Burgers and sandwiches are always looking for ways to make the flavors bigger and bolder. While spices can change the flavors, the burger toppings are the way to push the burgers over the top.

Of course, bacon is always a top choice. Other options include caramelized onions, guacamole and even potato chips. But, Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s is going in a more decadent option, the BFC, Big Fried Cheese.

Over the years, some gastro pubs have swapped out the traditional bun for a grilled cheese sandwich. This BFC is a quick service restaurant take on that idea. It brings all that cheesy goodness in a way that will have everyone craving more cheese.

The BFC is a better than just another slice of cheese on top of a Thickburger. The BFC is “cheddar and mozzarella cheese coated in a seasoned breading that is fried crispy until golden brown.” If that description doesn’t make your mouth water, what will?

It is interesting that the cheese is seasoned and fried. In a way, it is almost like having a mozzarella stick placed on top of a burger. Why hasn’t someone thought of this idea before?

Big Fried Cheese

Are you ready for the The Big Fried Cheese? photo provided by Carl’s Jr

This special Big Fried Cheese can be added to any Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s burgers or breakfast options. Basically, guests can customize their burger in their own way. Adding the BFC is an addition $3, which is quite steal.

The new Big Fried Cheese is available now. If you are ready to “Feed Your Happy,” maybe lunch will be a cheesy good time.

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What do you think of the new Big Fried Cheese at Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s? What do you think would be tastier with the BFC?

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