Buddy vs. Duff rematch: The ultimate king of cake returns to Food Network


Will a new king of cake be crowned in the Buddy vs. Duff rematch? Food Network shares new details on Season 2 of this epic cake competition.

Food Network fans couldn’t get enough of Buddy vs Duff last spring. With the Buddy vs. Duff rematch set to premiere on Food Network March 15, the new season looks to be even more epic. Will a new king of cake be crowned in round two?

While baking competitions are loved by Food Network fans, the Buddy vs. Duff series was definitely a stand out hit program. Part of the reason why this show captivated so many fans was the heated competition between Duff Goldman and Buddy Valastro. The two acclaimed chefs were looking to push the boundaries of what cakes and cake art can be.

At the end of the first competition, Duff was crowned the king of cakes. Although the competition was close, Duff seemed to edge Buddy in the creativity level. Sometimes the little details can prevail over the gigantic display.

With fans wanting more of this fierce competition, Buddy vs. Duff rematch is making its way back to the Food Network. In season 2, the two expert chefs will take on even more difficult challenges. This new season will continue to push the boundaries of being a cake artist.

According to the Food Network, this season will feature “supersized cake creations (that) will push the limit of imagination and ingenuity.” Each week’s competition will be judged on “creativity, difficulty, adherence to the theme and the incorporation of a special challenging element, ranging from detail, special effects, interactivity, and more.”

Looking at that statement, it appears that there are a few changes from last season’s competition. It is unclear if there is a baking element in addition to the cake display. Often the dessert/bakery item was the element that had a bigger impact on the overall competition.

Second, the scale seems to be a factor in Season 2. Where Buddy often went huge in his cake displays, Duff focused on the details. If big is a factor, it could bring a different winner to the competition.

Lastly, the special challenging element is a twist. Last year, there wasn’t a special element, like special effects. Duff is known for those little intricacies and this aspect might give him an advantage.

In the end, Food Network fans will want to watch every Sunday evening at 9 p.m. ET/PT for all the sweet competition. Hopefully the biggest fireworks on from the cakes, not from the personality conflicts, but that remains to be seen.

Buddy vs. Duff, Season 2, premieres on Food Network, March 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Additionally, a digital series Buddy vs. Duff: Extra Sweet, will be available online.

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Are you excited for Buddy vs. Duff rematch? What was your favorite cake from the first season?