Sprite Ginger: Classic lemon lime gets a touch of ginger spice

New Sprite Ginger, photo provided by Coca-Cola company
New Sprite Ginger, photo provided by Coca-Cola company /

While that classic lemon lime flavor is refreshing, the new Sprite Ginger boosts the classic flavor with a boost of ginger spice. Ready for the coldest drop?

Looking for a burst of new refreshment? Sprite Ginger is the newest flavor sensation to come to the beverage aisle. While classic Sprite flavors of lemon and lime are quite delicious, this new beverage flavor brings a touch of ginger spice. Ready to embrace this new flavor trend?

Ginger has become a big trend in beverages. While a popular ingredient in many recipes, ginger in beverages offers a touch of spice that lifts the flavor experience. The ginger flavor often develops as the beverage is enjoyed. It is the little burst of extra refreshment at the final sip.

The New Sprite Ginger was created to be the perfect balance to that classic lemon lime flavor. Without overpowering the classic Sprite, the hint of ginger spice gives a refreshing burst to the drinking enjoyment.

Looking at beverage trends as a whole, consumers are looking for bigger flavors. Without overpowering the classic taste, the new twists give a boost to the favorite. From the holiday offering of the Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry to the launch of Coke Cherry Vanilla in cans, brands are understanding that flavor options are key.

While the flavor combination will definitely be a hit with fans, the interesting part of this new Sprite launch is the pop culture and fashion aspect to the launch. As seen during New York Fashion Week, the launch is as much about the beverage as it is part of the vibe that the new beverage epitomizes.

The Sprit Ginger Collection brings together fashion, art and photography. With a focus on hip hop culture, the nine up and coming creators show that food and beverages are becoming even more intertwined with a lifestyle image.

When trying to reach an audience, brands need to create a visual that connects. In an overflowing aisle of options, people want more. Sprite is looking to deliver.

The new Sprite Ginger and a Zero Sugar version should start being available in stores.

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Are you ready to taste the new refreshment of Sprite Zero? What new beverage innovation would you like to see?