Blue Moon LightSky: Light and sessionable beer for Blue Moon fans

New Blue Moon Light Sky, photo provided by Blue Moon
New Blue Moon Light Sky, photo provided by Blue Moon /

If you love Blue Moon, the new Blue Moon LightSky could be the new light beer that will have you rethinking the light beer trend.

Think that light beer is light in flavor? The new Blue Moon LightSky is the citrus wheat beer that is full in flavor. Now Blue Moon fans have another option to enjoy. And, will it entice other beer drinkers to pop open a can?

Even though beer trends ebb and flow, lower calorie, lighter beers have been on the rise. From fitting in with an active lifestyle to having options, these types of beers are taking over store shelves.

For some beer drinkers, they want the bold, flavorful beers just with a lower calorie option. When a beer can bring some flavor elements of classic beers to the lower calorie beer, it will become a hit with fans. Beer drinkers shouldn’t have to compromise on taste just to have a lower calorie beer.

The Blue Moon LightSky has some elements of the classic Blue Moon. While it is a citrus wheat beer, the flavors are a little different. The just of tangerine peel offers a punch of flavor.

While classic Blue moon uses orange, the tangerine peel is slightly different. It keeps the beer in the similar flavor category but just slightly different. That flavor should give a delightful balance in a light citrus wheat beer.

Whether you enjoy this beer on its own on a warm day or pair it with some Buffalo Wild Wings limited edition Blue Moon sauce, this beer has limitless pairing possibilities. One great pairing is with some spicy grilled shrimp. The touch of citrus in the wheat beer offers a great balance to the spicy shrimp.

The Blue Moon LightSky is available now. It contains 3.6 grams of carbohydrates. Also, it has a 4% ABV. It is available at various retailers.

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What do you think of the Blue Moon LightSky? Could it become your new lighter beer?