Ready for Whoa! Universal Parks want guests to embrace those special moments

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

A theme park can offer a magical escape. Universal Parks new campaign encourages every to embrace those special moments and be ready for that WHOA!

When did you last visit Universal Parks? From Universal Orlando Resorts to Universal Studios Hollywood, the Universal theme parks offer the fun and diversion that make last memories for guests of all ages. Since there is a universality to celebrating those epic adventures, Universal Parks launched “Let Yourself Woah” campaign.

With a little help from Kenan Thompson and Arturo Castro, the comedic stars give a glimpse of those Universal moments that just bring smiles. From the fully immersive Wizarding World adventures to the mischief that those banana loving Minions create, that ability to escape the daily grind seems to welcome all guests as they cross through those arches.

In many ways, going to a Universal theme park is the opportunity to put aside those adult responsibilities and embrace that childlike exuberance. While you might not be saying WHOA around every corner, the idea is to let fun take over, enjoy the moment and make the memories to last a lifestyle.

For many people, visits to these Universal theme parks are something that grows with a person. While that wide eyed child might run to hug a minion, that same person will be thrilled to sip on a Butterbeer as a teenager and be thrilled to raise a cocktail during Mardi Gras. Each and every experience brings back old memories and creates new ones.

"“‘Woah’ means to me exactly what these parks do for you on a daily basis – on every ride, it’s like ‘Woah!’” said Kenan Thompson. “Universal’s theme parks hold a special place in my heart and it’s amazing to see how much they’ve grown since I worked here as a teenager. And now to be part of a campaign for one of my favorite experiences in life…It’s almost like someone asking you if they can provide you an awesome time – of course, I say ‘bring it on!’”"

This campaign and idea focus on an important ideal. Everyone, young, old and in between, need more living in the moment. It is time to ditch the devices, look around and experience all those epic adventures right in front of them.

Whether you have visited Universal Parks once or 100 times, isn’t it time to rediscover that Whoa. It could spark some happiness long after you have exited under those arches.

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What is your favorite Whoa at Universal Parks? What should FoodSided explore on their next visit?