Subway wants you to eat more veggies with new Cauliflower Fritter Signature Wraps

New Subway wraps feature Cauliflower Fritters, photo provided by Subway
New Subway wraps feature Cauliflower Fritters, photo provided by Subway /

Subway, not just mom, wants you to eat more veggies. The Cauliflower Fritter Signature Wraps could have you craving this veggie-forward dish.

When veggies are flavorful, it doesn’t seem like a chore to eat them. The new Subway Cauliflower Fritter Signature Wraps are the big boost of flavor that everyone will want to try. Could this small market test become a new national obsession?

While more and more people are looking to eat more veggie-centric, Subway has been a leader in the eat more veggies movement. Whether it is piling the vegetables on a classic 6-inch sub or having numerous vegetable forward options on the menu, vegetables are always in season at the quick service restaurant.

For many people, cauliflower has seen a spike in popularity because it can absorb so many other flavors. Whether combined into mashed potatoes or used as a rice substitute, cauliflower can be the star of the plate. Subway is making it the star of some new menu items.

Available for a limited test run in Baltimore, Maryland and Seattle, Washington, the three new menu items are Cauliflower Curry Signature Wrap, Cauliflower Ranch Signature Wrap and Cauliflower Dippers. The star of all three dishes is the Cauliflower Fritters.

The Cauliflower Dippers feature cauliflower that has been seasoned with onions and garlic. Then, it is covered in a crispy coating. They can be ordered on their own or incorporated into the new wraps.

Subway Cauliflower Curry Signature Wraps
Subway adds new Cauliflower Curry Signature Wrap, photo provided by Subway /

The must try new signature wrap is the Cauliflower Curry Signature Wrap. While it features the Cauliflower Fritters, the new creamy curry sauce is a must try. Curry and cauliflower are a tasty combination. It could be a way for people to start exploring the varied flavor that curry offers.

In addition, the wrap features “lettuce, red onions, green peppers and banana peppers” and it served on a spinach wrap. The combination of flavors and textures will make this wrap quite satisfying.

The Cauliflower Ranch Wrap features a touch of spice from jalapenos and a richness from the ranch sauce. Served on a tomato basil wrap, this wrap is bursting with extra veggies. In addition to the cauliflower it has spinach and fresh tomatoes. It is a great option for those veggie fans.

While these new menu items are just in a limited launch, it seems likely that a wider launch could happen later this year. With any new menu item, the quick service restaurant needs to test both the guest reaction and the preparation within the restaurants.

If you live in one of the test market areas, let #FoodSided know if you do a taste test. The new menu items are available in Seattle now and will be available in Maryland on February 27. They will be available for a limited time.

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What do you think of the new Subway Cauliflower Fritter Signature Wraps? Would you want to try one?