America’s favorite vegetable isn’t your kids’ favorite vegetable


What is America’s favorite vegetable? Even though eating vegetables is important for good health, everyone may not agree on a favorite vegetable.

Can you guess America’s favorite vegetable? Of course, people have grown up with the idea that eating more vegetables is important for good health. Still, people have some definite opinions on vegetables. A recent survey from Green Giant shows that one vegetable clearly tops people’s most popular vegetable list.

According to the Green Giant survey of nearly 4,000 Americans across the United States, the results showed the following:

"•Broccoli is the most popular vegetable in 47% of U.S. states•Corn is the second most popular vegetable, chosen as the favorite in nine U.S. states•Idaho, known for its potatoes, was the only state to choose peas as the favorite veggie•Onions, peppers, celery and spinach are noticeably absent from the list of favorites"

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While more and more people are adding extra vegetables to their diets, broccoli isn’t necessarily the first vegetable that comes to mind. Kids don’t often choose broccoli as their top vegetable choice. What parent hasn’t had to hide broccoli under copious amounts of cheese or hide it in another part of a dish?

Don’t get me wrong, broccoli is packed with tons of nutrients. But, the traditional vegetable has taken a back seat to more trendy vegetables like kale and other super foods. Maybe more homes still embrace the traditional vegetable as opposed to the trendy vegetables.

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As families look to get more vegetables in their diet, the traditional vegetable route is a good idea. Adding broccoli to dishes isn’t too difficult. While some people may not want plain, steamed broccoli every day, there are many options to add this vegetable to recipes. Even just a boost of flavorful seasonings can make the vegetables more palatable.

Another aspect of this survey is somewhat surprising. It is hard to imagine that onions, peppers, celery and spinach didn’t make the favorite list. These vegetables are often the basis for many recipes. A basic mirepoix has carrots, celery and onions. Other food recipes incorporate various trinities that have onions, peppers and celery.

Also, spinach has become a common vegetable. From smoothie ingredients to spinach pastas, this vegetable has found its way into a large variety of foods. Plus, who doesn’t eat a spinach salad from time to time?

Even if people don’t agree with these findings on the most popular vegetables, the concept of adding more vegetables to your diet is important. While everyone might not agree on a favorite food, eating the rainbow is a good concept for better eating.

Vegetables, both fresh and frozen, offer a great source of vitamins and nutrients. With many recipes today, the vegetables can be either the star of the dish or hidden under layers of flavors. Just look at the popularity of cauliflower rice. Who would have thought that cauliflower could be such an easy carb substitute?

While this survey is a fun topic, the truth is that it might impact the food you see on your store shelves. Stores want to stock food that people want to buy. If more people say that they like broccoli, you might start seeing more broccoli dishes popping up across store shelves.

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What’s your favorite vegetable? Share your thoughts with us or share a recipe using that vegetable. Who’s hungry?