Color changing cereal milk? Magic Fruity Pebbles brings it to the table

New Magic Fruity Pebbles, photo provided by Post
New Magic Fruity Pebbles, photo provided by Post /

Ready to have a little magic in the morning? Magic Fruity Pebbles brings some color changing cereal milk to the bowl and you will be saying Abracadabra.

As National Cereal Day approaches, Magic Fruity Pebbles will be bringing a special treat to cereal fans. While traditional Fruity Pebbles has cereal lovers saying Yabba Dabba Do, this new cereal offering could make you do a double take. Are you ready for color changing cereal?

The new Magic Fruity Pebbles is a vibrant pink cereal. Borrowing its color scheme from Dino, the Flintstone family pet is more than just a bright pink cereal. There is a little special trick ready to appear in the cereal bowl.

As the cereal combines with milk, that cereal milk turns blue. For parents who didn’t have enough coffee in the morning, this blue cereal milk about make them do a double take. For others, that colorful cereal milk is a fun way to start the day. No matter what, it starts the day with a smile.

Previously, Capn’ Crunch offered a color changing cereal milk around Halloween. The idea is a fun one. Who doesn’t want a little burst of color to start the day?

It is a fun contrast to have the blue and pink colors in a bowl. While the unicorn food trend had everyone craving colorful foods, this version is similar, but different. Sometimes food should just be fun.

For classic Fruity Pebbles fans, the flavor of the Magical Fruity Pebbles is still the same. Each bit still has that classic fruity taste, just the colors are different.

The limited edition Magic Fruity Pebbles should be starting to arrive on store shelves. The cereal is available while supplies last.

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Are you going to search for this magical cereal? What cereal innovation would you like to see hit store shelves?