Starburst yogurt is a reality, but is the Unicorn Go-GURT more enticing?


Is your yogurt bursting with flavor? Starburst yogurt is coming and everyone will want to dig in, but will the Unicorn Go-GURT become even more popular?

Yogurt flavors are constantly evolving. Yoplait just announced that Starburst yogurt will be hitting store shelves at the start of the New Year. While this candy inspired yogurt is quite enticing, some lunchboxes might be filled with Unicorn Go-GURT. Which new yogurt offering will be in your refrigerator?

According to Yoplait, the new Starburst original style yogurt will be available in the classic Starburst flavors, strawberry, cherry, lemon and orange. While some people are very particular on their favorite (or least favorite) Starburst flavor, it will be curious to see if those preferred flavors impact the popularity of this yogurt launch.

Looking at this new yogurt launch, the strawberry flavor will probably be a top choice. Many people love the strawberry flavor (remember those all pink packages). Some people might choose based on the color, not just the flavor.

The most complex flavor will be the orange. Usually orange isn’t the most common yogurt flavor. It will be curious to see if this yogurt flavor finds the right balance of tart and sweet.

New Unicorn Go-GURT, photo provided by Yoplait

While the candy-influenced Yoplait will get many people to grab a yogurt instead of a bag of candy for a treat, the Unicorn Go-GURT could be a huge hit. Unicorn themed food continues to be a huge trend. Kids (and some adults) love those colorful food options.

The Unicorn Go-GURT will be available in two flavors, Raspberry & Rainbows and Strawberry Banana Sparkle. It will be curious to see if the yogurt actually has some “sparkle” elements within it.

Looking at the packaging, those fun unicorn facts and silliness might be as important to kids as the yogurt inside. Who doesn’t want to have a little magic and sparkle in their lifetime?

Both the Starburst Yogurt and the Unicorn Go-GURT will be available on store shelves in 2020.

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Will you be searching for these new yogurt flavors? What other new yogurt flavors would you want to see?