Thin is in – Hershey’s candy adds more options to its THiNS candy

New York Thins from Hershey, photo by Cristine Struble
New York Thins from Hershey, photo by Cristine Struble /

Hershey’s candy can be a great sweet treat. When you want just a taste to satisfy that craving, the Hershey’s THiNS are that candy.

Sometimes a piece of candy can instantly bring a smile, make you feel better or just be that moment of happiness. Hershey’s candy has a wide variety of brands, flavors and options that can make those sweet moments sweeter. Still, sometimes, you just want a small taste, which is why the THiNS candy are the perfect bite.

Previously, Hershey’s released a Reese’s THiNS candy. This candy is basically a thinner version of a classic peanut butter cup. It has that iconic peanut butter filling surrounded by chocolate, but just in a thinner version.

The thinner Reese’s peanut butter cup became quite popular. Available in both milk and dark chocolate, people felt less guilty about eating an entire thin peanut butter cup.

Following up on the first launch, Hershey’s just added two more options to the THiNS line, a white chocolate Reese’s THiNS and a York THiNS. Needless to say, thin is definitely in.

The Reese’s white chocolate THiNS are on the sweeter side. White chocolate is always sweeter than the traditional milk or dark chocolate. Since the white chocolate is sweeter, it is nice to have a thinner version of this peanut butter cup.

Similar to the white chocolate Easter eggs, these candies make the peanut butter center the star. The slightly salty qualities of the peanut butter filling come through in the bite.

For a bolder flavor, the York THiNS have the same great minty York flavor that many people love. Given the thinner candy, it really is the right combination of the chocolate to mint ratio.

The thinner version of York could change some people’s appreciation for the chocolate and mint candy. While some people love the bold minty flavor, other people prefer less mint. The thinner option gives option.

Looking at other Hershey’s candy, it would be interesting to see if other candies could go thin. Given the other Hershey’s brands, there are a few possibilities. Could Kit Kat go thin? Candy innovation can go in any direction.

The addition of more thin candies seems to be in line with the National Confectioners Association initiative of Always a Treat. From smaller serving sizes to lower calorie servings, candy brands are showing consumers that they can have a sweet treat because there are options.

The new Reese’s White Chocolate THiNS and the York THiNS will be available at many retailers. They will be sold in both shareable bags and smaller sizes.

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Do you think that thin is in? What is your favorite Hershey’s candy to enjoy?