Bagelrito, Einstein Bros Bagels launches this breakfast innovation nationwide

New Bagelrito from Einstein Bros. Bagels, photo provided by Einstein Bros. Bagels
New Bagelrito from Einstein Bros. Bagels, photo provided by Einstein Bros. Bagels /

Are you prepared for “big, bold and easy to hold?” Bagelrito from Einstein Bros Bagels is the breakfast innovation that everyone is raving over.

When you cannot decide between a bagel and a burrito, why not have both. Bagelrito from Einstein Bros Bagels is the bagel/burrito mash-up that is changing breakfast. Known as the “big, bold and easy to hold,” this new menu item is ready for its national launch. Are you excited to try one?

The Bagelrito contains “two cage-free eggs, thick-cut bacon, turkey sausage, three cheeses, hash browns, salsa and green chilies in a flour tortilla, all hand-wrapped in Asiago bagel dough and baked fresh.” To say that the flavor is bold, it is an understatement. It is definitely a big bite.

When thinking about this food mash-up, the bagel aspect of the breakfast should help to keep all the filling inside. There is nothing worse than when a tortilla breaks because of over-stuffed filling.

Looking at the filling, it is quite hearty. With bacon and turkey sausage, it is quite meaty. Plus, the hash browns basically turns this breakfast into a handheld breakfast bowl.

While this breakfast is a hearty bite, the flavors are quite interesting. The Asiago bagel adds a punch of flavor to the hearty fillings. The cheesy dough should be a great compliment to the bacon and sausage.

Also, the use of green chilies adds the heat that this breakfast needs. With all the meat and cheese, the breakfast needs a burst of spice to cut through all the richness. The green chilies bring the heat without being too spicy.

Although the Bagelrito is meant to be a handheld sandwich, some people might need a fork to eat it. It sounds like a big bite.

Einstein Bros Bagels tested this innovative breakfast item last year at select locations. With such a positive response, the brand knew that this breakfast item deserved a nationwide rollout.

If you want to try the Bagelrito, it hits Einstein Bros Bagels on February 27. It is definitely a game changer for grab and go breakfast items.

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What do you think of the Bagelrito? What other breakfast mash-ups would you like to see?