Double the flavor, double the fun, HI-CHEW Fruit Combos Mix is here

New HI-CHEW Fruit Combos Mix, photo provided by HI-CHEW
New HI-CHEW Fruit Combos Mix, photo provided by HI-CHEW /

If you love the fruity flavors of HI-CHEW, the new HI-CHEW Fruit Combos Mix brings double the fun to this candy treat.

Ready for a taste of the tropics? The new HI-CHEW Fruit Combos bring double the fruity flavors to one candy. Always a leader in innovative candy flavors, HI-CHEW is showing that its fruity, chewy candy is even better when it comes in flavor pairs. Ready to take a taste?

Some flavor combinations are classics. Whether sipping a beachside cocktail or enjoying your favorite dessert treat, a taste of certain flavors can remind you of waves crashing on the beach and a soft breeze blowing in your hair.

That taste of the tropics has inspired the new HI-CHEW Fruit Combos. Each chewlet has two layers of flavor. As you enjoy the candy, the flavor develops as each flavor is revealed. Available in Tropical Smoothie and Piña Colada, the two candies might make you think those warm weather getaways.

The Tropical Smoothie combines Passion Fruit and Mango. The sweet, tart mango is surrounded by a layer of Passion Fruit. Without needing a straw, this flavor satisfies just like that favorite smoothie.

For people who love Piña Colada, this HI-CHEW candy will instantly become your favorite. The pineapple center is covered with creamy coconut. It is the right balance of sweet and tart, just like the drink.

Thinking about this candy, it could be a great way to make a cocktail. Previously, HI-CHEW has used its candies to infuse cocktails. This candy could add a big burst of flavor to an infused liquor. Just remember that this option is just for the adults.

HI-CHEW is always looking to push the flavor boundaries in the candy industry. The fruity, chewy candy has 16 flavors available in the U.S. If you haven’t tried one, you need to try this flavor experience.

The new HI-CHEW Fruit Combos are available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores. Also, the candy can be purchased on HI-CHEW’s Amazon page.

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Are you excited to try the new HI-CHEW Fruit Combos? What is your favorite HI-CHEW flavor?