Leap for savings – Leap Day deals only come around every four years

Krispy Kreme will deliver free doughnuts to dozens of hospitals on Leap Day, photo provided by Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme will deliver free doughnuts to dozens of hospitals on Leap Day, photo provided by Krispy Kreme /

Are you excited for February 29? These Leap Day deals could make you jump for joy, but don’t miss the specials or you will have to wait another four years to celebrate.

This Saturday, February 29 has everyone celebrating with some Leap Day deals that should make you smile. While the extra day might be a good excuse to relax, do something adventurous or just catch up on that to-do list, many companies are marking the tradition with some specials. Are you ready to start saving?

Even though it only happens every four years, there are approximately 200,000 Americans born on Leap Day. To these Leaplings, Saturday is a very special occasion. Lay’s wants to give these special birthdays a gift.

Anyone with a February 29 birthday can go to the Lay’s Facebook page and comment for the chance to win a free bag of chips. Who wouldn’t want a free bag of chips for their birthday?

Since there will be more Leaplings joining that special club on Saturday, Krispy Kreme is making some special deliveries. Krispy Kreme will be delivering free doughnuts to various hospitals on Leap Day. Be sure to watch social media for the #KrispyKremeSpecialDelivery.

While giving families and hospital staff free doughnuts for Leap Day is great, the promotion is to mark the Krispy Kreme delivery service. Starting on February 29, Krispy Kreme will offer delivery at nearly all of its U.S. shops.

Although fresh delivered donuts are delicious, Nutella on pancakes is a great way to start the day. In New York City, Nutella will offer a pop-up Nutella Syrup Swap Shop.

The Nutella event at Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall will offer guests free pancakes topped with Nutella. Also, you can swap a container of syrup for a free container of Nutella.

Some people might prefer to stay in for the holiday. 7-Eleven is offering a huge deal for on its 7NOW Delivery app. For first time users of the 7NOW delivery app, they will receive “$29 discount on any 7NOW delivery order over $50 with the promo code: 29OFF50.” Whether you get snacks, beer or that gallon of milk you forgot, the savings is huge.

Also, the 7-Eleven pizza is on special. A whole pizza is just $2.29. Just think if you paired the pizza and delivery deal together. You could feed the neighborhood.

If you prefer tacos, Del Taco will be offering Del Taco app users a free crispy Jumbo Shrimp Taco with purchase. And, you can get two crunchy Jumbo Shrimp tacos for just $5.

With an extra day, wouldn’t it be a nice idea to spend it with friends and family? Stella Artois wants to encourage people to savor their life together. Are you ready to #UnCancel?

The Stella Leap Day Fund has a $366,000 bank of beer. (like 366 days of beer). People who share the promo and tag a friend that they want to spend time with they can get their share of the fund.

Even if you don’t drink beer, this promotion is a great reminder to make the most of Leap Day. Whether you spend time with friends, spread some random acts of kindness or do something special for yourself, make the most of the extra day.

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Are you going to enjoy any of these Leap Day Deals? How will you be spending Leap Day?