These gelato macarons are just like our favorite Epcot dessert

Gelato filled macarons available at Sam's Club, photo provided by Sam's Club
Gelato filled macarons available at Sam's Club, photo provided by Sam's Club /

Could gelato macarons make you swoon? These frozen desserts at Sam’s Club remind us of our favorite Epcot dessert.

Need an excuse to eat dessert first? The gelato macarons variety pack at Sam’s Club will make you want to open the package before you leave the parking lot. This exclusive frozen dessert has become a mus try before it disappears. Have you tried one yet?

A French macaron is one of the best desserts. That light, airy, sweet bite is perfect. While it often has a sweet center, the filling brings a burst of flavor to the cookie portion. Whether you eat in a one big bite or savor a nibble, the macaron is pure indulgence.

This exclusive Sam’s Club dessert takes a macaron to a new level. Filled with Italian gelato, the sweet meringue seems to just melt. The creaminess of the Italian gelato offer the perfect contrast. It is hard to eat just one.

The 16-count variety pack sells for $12.98. The package contains four flavors, pistachio, vanilla, chocolate and sea salt caramel. With the variety, there is a flavor that everyone will like. Hopefully, no one fights over their favorite.

That sea salt caramel version reminded us of a favorite Epcot dessert. Anyone who has gone to L’Artisan del Glaces knows about the macaron ice cream sandwiches. These desserts are always a tasty treat.

While the Sam’s Club version uses gelato, it is a great choice when you are craving that delicious frozen treat. After all, not everyone lives close to Walt Disney World.

If you want to try these gelato macarons, you better hurry. The delicious frozen treats will only be around until mid-April.

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Have you tried the gelato macarons at Sam’s Club? What is your favorite frozen treat?