Macaron and macaroon are two very different cookies


Macaron and macaroon are not the same cookie. On National Macaroon Day, make sure that you enjoy the right type of cookie celebration.

Do you love a macaron? What about a macaroon? No, I’m not misspelling the words, providing an alternative spelling or mispronouncing a word. These two cookies are very different in flavor and texture. On National Macaroon Day, make sure that you are enjoy the correct cookie for the celebration.

May 31 is National Macaroon Day. While macaroon is a general term, this type of cookie is usually a coconut cookie. Usually made with egg whites, dried coconut and sugar, these cookies are very coconut forward.

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Often, this type of cookie is made by piping the dough onto a baking sheet. Usually a star tip is used to create defined edges on the cookies. Sometimes a piece of dried fruit is placed in the center. Also, these cookies can be dipped in chocolate for a delicious, decadent bite.

Macaron usually means the French meringue cookie. The delicate sandwich meringue cookie takes skill to bake correctly. Two aspects of this cookie show a skilled baker. First, the cookie needs to have the perfect shine to the shell. Second, the “feet” of the cookie need to be defined. The “feet” are the little edges on the bottom of the cookie.

Chocolate macaron, photo by Cristine Struble

Have you ever wondered why those French cookies cost $3-4 a piece? It takes patience and skill to create these delicate cookies. Of course, you can try to make them at home. But, wouldn’t you rather eat a cookie versus spending your day making them?

Also, finding the delicate balance between meringue cookie and filling is key. While some classic flavors, like chocolate or raspberry, are common. More elevated flavors are becoming popular. Lavender, rose water and even elderflower can make for a delicious filling.

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So which cookie will you enjoy on National Macaroon Day? You should be eating the coconut cookie, but we won’t judge if you make a different choice.