Disney desserts and fireworks: New Magic Kingdom dessert party added


Disney desserts, just like the nightly fireworks, are part of Disney magic. With the new Magic Kingdom dessert party, you can enjoy both.

A trip to Disney is filled with special moments. Disney desserts are part of that experience. But, the classic Mickey Ice Cream isn’t the only option. Magic Kingdom offers a dessert party that is a dessert fan’s dream. Now, the new after fireworks party means that there won’t be a sugar crash before the finale.

Disney Parks Blog just announced that Magic Kingdom has added an After Fireworks Dessert Party. This new addition doesn’t mean that the before fireworks party is going away. Now, guests have an option.

Disney desserts and fireworks: New Magic Kingdom dessert party added, photo provided by Walt Disney Media Site

Similar to the current fireworks and dessert event, guests receive a special viewing section for the fireworks. More importantly, guests can indulge in some of Disney’s best desserts. And, guests can enjoy all the desserts that they want. That’s right, it is a dessert-a-poolza.

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According to the Disney Parks Blog, the dessert buffet is inspired by Magic Kingdom lands. From S’mores to Ooey Gooey Toffee Cakes, there is definitely a dessert for everyone. Even those who prefer cheese as their dessert have a savory options on the buffet.

Looking at this sweet menu, I would start with a macaron. I love a good macaron. While the announcement doesn’t say how many flavors of macarons will be on the buffet, I hope that some of the pretty pink ones make the table. Maybe someone could bring the cute alien macarons from DisneyLand will eventually come to Magic Kingdom.

The only thing missing from this after fireworks party is a special libation for the adults. Now that guests can buy alcohol at Magic Kingdom, it would be nice to have dessert cocktail or sparkling wine option. Even if those options aren’t included in the cost, it would be a nice option for guests to have. I would happily buy a glass of sparkling wine to enjoy with a plate of macarons.

The Magic Kingdom After Fireworks Dessert Party costs $69 for adults and $41 for children. The event begins on May 28 and reservations are open.

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What’s your favorite Disney dessert? Remember Disney is the happiest place on Earth so all those desserts have no calories. It is part of the Disney Magic.